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New puppy and Jab question?

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Ok, our lovely labardoddle puppy has had second lot of jabs last thursday. I was told on phone he would be allowed out a week after 2nd load of jabs but when we went vet said 2 week!! His a lively little thing and we feel he needs more room than just our garden and needs to get out with other dogs asap. What would you do? Leave it the 2 weeks, or just the 1 week?

misdee Mon 05-Jul-10 13:44:27

same as i was going to ask. was told one week before, then 2 weeks today. am confused!!

Lizcat Mon 05-Jul-10 14:04:21

I would check with the individual vets as different manufacturers have different recommendations on their data sheets so there is no hard and fast rule.

misdee Mon 05-Jul-10 14:07:03

we both called the same vet, and all three pups have had the same jabs. just conflicting info on when they can go out.

its canigen DHPPi/canigen lepto2

Lizcat Mon 05-Jul-10 14:09:14

Sorry I have never used Canigen so can't tell you about that one. Maybe another mummy vet will be along who knows the answer.

she told me its because they had second jabs at 10 weeks and not 8 hmm

Slubberdegullion Mon 05-Jul-10 16:20:47

I was told two weeks.

I carried my puppy outside with me several times a day until she was 12 weeks. We did the school run twice a day and I did a walk by the busy main road everyday too, with special outings to look at bin men, livestock, bikes, people in hats and all the rest of it.

I did look like the mad dog carrying lady of the village with a fair sized labrador puppy in my arms by the end of it all but I think for the socialisation process it was worth it (she is pretty much non spookable now).

You can wear your puppy out with clicker training in the garden and a bit of retrieval/tug/finding things by smell practice. They don't need lots of physical exercise when they are small.

I would do as your vet says and wait the full 2 weeks.

I cant carry puppy as have dd2 who still in buggy. He plays in the garden and tug with us in the house.

minimu1 Mon 05-Jul-10 16:37:14

Ok going to be really controversial here and please note that this is my opinion and not advocating anyone else doing it!

I do take my dogs out before they are vaccinated. I weigh up the risk of bad and poor socialised dogs and the risk of getting ill. A poorly socialised dog will have problems for life.

I am very selective in where I go but as the diseases can be carried in on your shoes and car tyres and I am walking my other dogs I guess my puppies are at risk to a point anyway. I introduce my dogs to other vaccinated dogs as soon as possible.

It is vital that you get the puppis out and about in the first 12 weeks of their lives otherwise the puppies have real difficulty in dealing with stressful and new situations.

If you can not get out with your puppy get everyone to come to your house, other dogs, young people old people, people with hats on, people in wheelchairs, people with buggy, Kids on bikes, roller skates etc

I have read alot of the same opinions that makes sense to me. I walk in the streets, my shoes carry germs in as does the buggy. Everything i read suggests taking them out on the pathways but not allowing them where loads of dogs go or on grass verges. He has had all his jabs, so dont fully understand why i now have to wait another 2 weeks hmm
We have had visitors, children mainly and adults.
I took him out breifty on the street and he didnt like car noises ect.

Slubberdegullion Mon 05-Jul-10 16:48:25

minimu - did you make your puppy carrying sling thing? lisa maybe you could constrct something like that.

I had no way of knowing how 'at risk' my puppy was at catching a disease so felt I had to go with what I was told. I got some nicely toned arms from all the carrying at the end of it though.

Slubberdegullion Mon 05-Jul-10 16:54:39

lisa, my knowledge of immunology is very small but I would imagine there is a gradient of immune response that follows the jabs. At 2 weeks (I assume) there would be more comprehensive protection than after one.

I suppose it depends on the jabs but I triple checked with my vets that it was deffo 2 weeks after the last lot (with a pleading 'pleaaaaase can I put her down) and got a very stern "two weeks" three times grin

minimu1 Mon 05-Jul-10 17:04:09

I put mine in a rucksack and wear it on my front.

Re the traffic get him out to see it more. I spend hours with puppies sat at bus stops (surprised I am not arrested - well maybe not hours but sometimes feels like it). If the puppy reacts take no notice at all and then praise when the puppy is calm.

Another place I sit is at train stations and outside supermarkets.

misdee Mon 05-Jul-10 18:00:57

i carry my toddler in a SLING, not my pups lol.

Slubberdegullion Mon 05-Jul-10 18:08:46

I know it sounds mad misdee but honestly if I still had my baby sling I think I might have fished it out and had a go at putting the puppy in there. At least having one hand free for pocket-treat rummaging would have made the whole thing a bit easier.

misdee Mon 05-Jul-10 18:17:25

they are soooo heavey though. especially Tom.

minimu1 Mon 05-Jul-10 18:21:54

I know it is a drag and really hard work but it will make your life and the puppies sooooooo much easier if they are socialised at an early stage. ( it is so important I am late for my puppy class to do this thread!)

The socialisation period is up to 12 weeks but for some breeds can go to 16 weeks but everyday after this makes it harder for puppies to acclimatise to new experiences and can affect their behaviour for life.

Some breeds need very careful socialisation and others take to it very easily.

Unfortunately misdee having two puppies here is more than twice the work as you will have to socialise them apart as well as together but it really is worth it. must dash

Lizcat Mon 05-Jul-10 18:27:23

So I have now been able to check the datasheet for you and it says:
Onset of immunity for distemper, adenovirus and parvo is 1 week and for parainfluenza is 4 weeks. There is no quoted data for onset of immunity for the lepto portion. (Information from the NOAH compendium of datasheets 2010).
If you were my client and I was using this vaccine I would advise you it was safe from 1 week to take your puppy out on the ground.
Please remember there is currently a nationwide parvo epidemic so allowing puppies whose immunity is not yet fully developed on ground that has unknown exposure is very risky.

misdee Mon 05-Jul-10 18:30:58

There has been parvo in my local area (aqs in 2 streets away) so am v v cautious.

haqve been in my front garden with the pups, Tom keeps diving into the long grass (I am a rubbish gardener) and have carried them out and about seperatly as well, but they are getting v v heavey. and i do this with dd4 on my back at the time.

i tried seeing if i could secure them in the red wagon, but ralph decided he wasnt happy with that so abandoned that idea.

so am thinking that monday next week, we start getting them out and about seperatly and together for walks. i am a SAHM so can do this. there is no way i'd have two pups if i was out all day.

Slubberdegullion Mon 05-Jul-10 18:34:22

Oh god misdee I know. I felt like an absolute giant loon during my last week of carrying the wriggling lump about with me.

There is no way of knowing how much of the carrying/socialisation work contributed to Elsie's demeanor vs her inherited chillax personality but I get a lot of comments on how calm she is. We have had builders in since last week, including men sawing holes in the roof, drills digging up the floor, walls being smashed down and god only knows how many strange men in hats and boots with beards, ladders and odd looking equipment wandering in and out of the house. She's been a star with the lot.

elmofan Mon 05-Jul-10 18:57:59

My pup had his second vaccine last Friday & the vet told us to wait 1 week until we can start taking him out , he is 11 wks old now .

leanto Wed 07-Jul-10 19:10:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leanto Wed 07-Jul-10 19:12:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I am planning on slinging my new pupgrin

Thought my slinging days were over, and am a very fervent slinger so am very chuffed.

Now to decide which one would be best.....

BabyDubsEverywhere Wed 07-Jul-10 19:23:10

Im going to get the nutter award for this, but have any of you seen the PET PUSHCHAIR pets at home sell, could be an option for all you dog carries? grin

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