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I need advice re my AKita....

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luckylady Mon 08-Aug-05 05:44:47

My ten month old Akita has started to show some lesion tups things on her paws, and on her head whilst stroking yesterday a big climp of hair came out with scaps in it ans onow on the top of her head is a perfect round patch of raw red skin... [
I am taking her to vets this afternoon...

I am so worried...

Has anyone else had this with their dog can anyone give me any advice...
Thank yo in advance

luckylady Mon 08-Aug-05 06:05:49

Hve just checked her head again and it has already strted to form a nice clean scab which has made me feel a bit happier, just want to know what caused it....and to make sure it doesn't return!!

mumtosomeone Mon 08-Aug-05 06:20:28

When I was small we had a jack russell and its hair came out in clumps. It was some skin problem and cleared up with powder from the vet. I remember her being itchy and rubbing herself onnnnn chair legs etc!

luckylady Mon 08-Aug-05 07:30:51

Thanks mumtosomeone.

She is scratching alot, I was thinking maybe it could be a form of excsma (SP) will defo take her to the vets this afternoon when dh gets infrom work.

mumtosomeone Mon 08-Aug-05 07:33:15

hope she is ok

luckylady Mon 08-Aug-05 09:58:46

She is booked intot he vets for 5.30 this evening so will let you know what they say.

luckylady Mon 08-Aug-05 20:47:02

It was ringworm....

The only place thing i can think off where she has picked it up is the stray cats farm the farm behind, or the soil!!!.

The vet gave her .3 injections and some cream, she has to go back in two weeks for more jabs.

mumtosomeone Tue 09-Aug-05 10:47:31

at least you know what it is and she is being treated!

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