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Have finally persuaded DH to let me have a Norbert !!!

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bubblerock Wed 13-Jul-05 00:06:33

Really excited as I visit a pet shop a few doors away almost daily and have fallen in love with their adult male Bearded Dragon (Like this ) who is hopefully going to breed soon and I'm going to have one of the hatchlings . I'm really chuffed and using the time to research them and get the cash together to buy the vivarium etc... and be really prepared.

DH has been thinking of names and seems quite keen on Norbert (HP) Feel free to comment or suggest other Dragon type names

Any Reptile experts out there with any advice?

tortoiseshell Wed 13-Jul-05 00:07:07


wheresmyfroggy Wed 13-Jul-05 00:07:58

Rufus is a good name for a dragon

Janh Wed 13-Jul-05 00:08:20

Well soupdragon springs to mind, bubblerock!

And what was Majesty's little purple friend called in My Little Pony? Spike?

I love Norbert though

bubblerock Wed 13-Jul-05 00:13:13

I didn't think anyone would respond, I looked in the archives and couldn't find any reptile related stuff so thought I was alone!

Is Rufus a dragon from something? DH said Puff too and they are pretty spikey do you think once it gets hatched we will say "ooh he's definately a Norbert...?" maybe I could join the due in... thread when the eggs are incubated and have a birth announcement when they hatch!

Can you tell I'm a little excited about this

wheresmyfroggy Wed 13-Jul-05 00:15:38

I just think rufus can be said with a certain grandure (sp?) that only a dragon deserves

Norbert is a cool dragon name too though


Puff Wed 13-Jul-05 00:17:47

If you do call the little darling Puff, then I insist on being Godmother

Janh Wed 13-Jul-05 00:18:29

Oooh look, another HP name for you - Draco !

Janh Wed 13-Jul-05 00:20:05

Or the dragon in the Hobbit is called Smaug.

wheresmyfroggy Wed 13-Jul-05 00:20:51

Here is /link{\Rufus} dragon

wheresmyfroggy Wed 13-Jul-05 00:21:48

Here is Rufus dragon

Janh Wed 13-Jul-05 00:21:59

Here you go - fill your boots - dragonorama! (Norbert is there )

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 00:22:22

famous dragon names

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 00:22:33


bubblerock Wed 13-Jul-05 00:23:26

Have you got frogs froggy? I'm about to be booted off the PC by DH What is it with people wanting to sleep??? I am totally back to front, could quite easily sleep all day and stay up all night! grrr... Will check in tomorrow xxx

wheresmyfroggy Wed 13-Jul-05 00:24:51

Not at the moment unfortunately boohoo

bubblerock Wed 13-Jul-05 00:28:23

Am going, honest! but DH wants to know Was chorlton (as in wheelies) a Dragon?

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 00:30:54

he looks like one

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 00:32:24

he is a happiness dragon

Janh Wed 13-Jul-05 00:33:02

He looks more like a snail with feet.

Janh Wed 13-Jul-05 00:33:28

Has dragon tail though

bubblerock Wed 13-Jul-05 00:33:36

Thanks for the names links DH is looking through them all now (I'm actually quite liking Norbert now TBH) DS1 has the YU GI OH egyptian god cards but there is no way he's going to be named after one of those.

bubblerock Wed 13-Jul-05 00:35:15

DH is now looking rather smug at remembering that - I think it just shows that he's over 30 and I'm not

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