Which complete dog food for firm poo and healthy dog!?

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eggontoast Tue 22-Dec-09 15:31:56

Please explain what dog food you use, especially if you have a Labrador.

I am looking to firm up my dogs slushy poos - slushy because I am feeding him cheap dog food I believe.

I also want to give my dog the best health benefits but do not want a brand that tests on animals (ie. cruelty).

I have looked up reviews on doggy websites, but I am convinced they are mainly written and added by manufactures to promote their food!!

My dog is 6 and has recently had anal gland problem. Now sorted, but I want to prevent another occurrence. I also want his skin to be given the oils it needs not to flake with the central heating.

Thanks in advance.

dozydrawers Tue 22-Dec-09 16:04:22

I don't have a Labrador but I am a vet. I would suggest trying James Wellbeloved (eg turkey and rice kibble) or one of the Hills Science Plan foods.

Totallyfloaty35 Tue 22-Dec-09 16:28:53

My Lab pup is fed on Eukanuba as suggested by the breeders and he is doing well on it,firm poos etc.

MrsJohnDeere Tue 22-Dec-09 16:40:36

Burns = smaller and firmer poo, ime.

GrimmaTheNome Tue 22-Dec-09 16:51:09

We don't have a lab, but the breed-specific Royal Canin (which is what he was used to when we got him) makes for very neat poos, and unlike our previous dog (who wouldn't touch dry food) no anal gland problems.

sb6699 Tue 22-Dec-09 16:58:08

My lab has Healthy Paws - holistic stuff. Really good, he has never had any tummy problems and has a lovely shiny coat that other lab owners actually comment on.

BellasSparklyBaubles Tue 22-Dec-09 18:36:34

I use the lab version of the Royal Canin breed specific - firm poos and helps prevent weight gain.

He also gets a bit of Naturediet now and then wink


whispywhisp Tue 22-Dec-09 18:37:37


BellasSparklyBaubles Tue 22-Dec-09 18:37:44

p.s. Anal glands - as you probably know - benefit from plenty of fibre in the diet.

Rubyrubyruby Tue 22-Dec-09 18:39:54

I feed my dog James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice Kibble. It is also quite good to add fish oil to their diet of they have flaky skin.

triggerfish Tue 22-Dec-09 18:45:08

We have the breed specific Royal canin for our shih tzu. Small, perfectly formed, firm poos!!!!!!!!!!! We tried quite a few as she is quite fussy - she loves this one. I guess there aren't many labs who are fussy eaters though grin

hannahvn Tue 22-Dec-09 20:59:48

chappie! its great, hypo-allergenic, easy to digest and cheap!, i have labs and have tried lots of different foods, Eukanuba tents to make them very windy! JWB is ok but chappies solves a hole host of problems. I'm a Qualified Vet Nurse any have solved a great many problems with good old chappie.

hannahvn Tue 22-Dec-09 21:00:38

sorry tends!

VicarInaTinselTuTu Tue 22-Dec-09 21:42:12

or....you could ask your local independent pet shop if they do an own brand and ask for a sample.

i used to feed a very very expensive dried dog food, then my little local pet shop said he does his own label but said its a premium dog food for a lot less cos its his own label...i tried a sample and both mine love it - its got a high meat content - its a chicken and rice - very good quality and i pay about £26 a large sack which lasts my two ages. he also does a cheaper version but i get the premium one cos one of my dogs has a funny tummy - he has been fine on this and while id never go so far as saying picking up dog poo is a pleasure its a damn site easier now! no runny tummys - ever.

eggontoast Wed 23-Dec-09 09:45:24

Thanks to all. I think i am over analysing which one to go for! I suppose i can try a small bag and see how he is!

I am just desperate to make sure his poo is firm as he stunk so bad when his glands got infected.

BellasSparklyBaubles Wed 23-Dec-09 09:52:24

Hills Light has lots of fibre and is good for anal glands wink

whispywhisp Wed 23-Dec-09 10:17:36

Chappie is very cheap to buy - one of the cheapest dog foods on the market. It is highly recommended by vets. My JRT is prone to upset tummy as was my labrador that I had before her. Chappie is easily digestable - you can buy it in tin form but also dried. Never had a problem with it and would definitely recommend it as a food for any dog with a dodgy tum/sloppy poo!!!

BellasSparklyBaubles Wed 23-Dec-09 10:29:08

Yup, chappie's good too.

Adequate exercise also an important factor in preventing anal gland problems.

<considers making anal glands her no.2 (rofl) soapbox topic, after HD>

midori1999 Wed 23-Dec-09 11:58:56

Runny poo can be caused by cheap food, an intolerance to something in the diet, or over-feeding. On average, you will need to feed about 20% less than the food manufacturers recommend.

Most dogs will do well on a 'premium' brand food with no artifical additives, such as James Wellbeloved, or Burns. if money is no object, then Orijen is about the best complete food you can buy. Again, feed less than they tell you and feed by eye. If your dog looks thin, increase the amount, if it looks fat, decrease it.

If your dog still has the runs, it is possible he may be intolerant to rice or the meat in the food(chicken allergies are suprisingly common) and it might be worth getting tests done. (Orijen does not contain any cereals, so it is unlikely a dog would be allergic to that)

Feeding bones will also help firm up his poo, you can get marrow bones for free from most butchers, but it is important to feed them raw so they don't splinter and become dangerous, and you might find initially they make the poo more runny until your dog gets used to them.

midori1999 Wed 23-Dec-09 12:00:26

OOp,s just to add, Burns is not tested on Animals, James Wellbeloved is now owned by Mars, I believe, who do conduct animal testing, although maybe not on James Wellbeloved.

kateecass Wed 23-Dec-09 12:03:32

Burns is great.. got it for same reasons. Dog was on James Wellbeloved and it works out cheaper and it seems to last longer. Get it from Millbry Hill online..delivered to the door what more could you ask. I usually chuck in some dogs stinky breath to qualify for free postage.

tibni Wed 23-Dec-09 16:19:35

My lab is on Arden Grange food - what the breeder fed him on.

I also use Arden Grange treats - more expensive but not full of additives and colouring.

I have read general concern about some own brand puppy food for labs. With their tendancy to hip / elbow issues protein levels need to be controlled to discourage too rapid growth. Some own brand - while very good quality is cheaper as it is classed as "working dog" so doesn't have added VAT. This may not be suitable for all pet dogs as working dogs have different needs.

HugeBaublesWhatDidISayRoy Wed 23-Dec-09 16:24:02

chappie dried complete is a very well priced and good quality dog food.

I also feed mine on st johns gold. around 9.99 a sack. no sloppy plops there. All vets will tell you to go for the really expensive ones but seriously there is no need.

HugeBaublesWhatDidISayRoy Wed 23-Dec-09 16:25:23

Actually i think it is Dr johns gold. am confusing it with st johns wort which is fab too, but not for the dogs!

bourboncreme Wed 23-Dec-09 16:28:11

We feed Salters which has a high meat content and very little wastage so threefore small poos !

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