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Does anyone's dog have addison's disease - talk to me about it please

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bumposaurus Tue 01-Dec-09 11:25:42

Our dog was diagnosed with Addisons about a year ago, and is on daily meds. However, he is really up and down, great one day and in crisis the next. We have an appointment with the vet later today as he is really quite poorly at the moment, but I just wondered what anyone else's experience of this illness was?

minimu Tue 01-Dec-09 18:27:33

One of my dogs many years ago had addisons. It took a while for the vets to work out what was wrong and she was a very poorly dog. Eventually we managed to get a handle on it and worked out what caused the stress to her. Any change in temperature seemed to make her worse and definately could not get hot. She did go on to lead a normal life. I competed in agility with hier and did so after the diagnosis but in a gentler class.

The medication made her pee everywhere to start with but that settled down as well.

This link may help you

I do hope your vet can get things undercontrol. It is a worrying condition but some dogs do manage ok with it.

beautifulgirls Wed 02-Dec-09 10:17:19

At times of stress they can have more problems. Their adrenal glands would if normal produce more steroids in these situations, but of course an Addisionian dog can not do this. It may be that his medication is only just adequate, or even slightly inadequate in the levels being given and then stress on top is causing him some problems. Your vet should be checking his electrolyte levels and seeing if these are normal, and maybe trying to increase his medication a bit to assess response.

Hope he is doing better soon.

bumposaurus Thu 03-Dec-09 13:24:18

Sorry, was off for a few days...He is back on form again now and levels appear normal. I can't think of any particular stress trigger which could have started the latest incident, but I am going to keep a record...that was a really interesting site by the way. Thanks for the help

Matilda187 Mon 27-Jun-16 18:29:52

Our dog was diagnosed in 2012 with Addison's. There is a cure for Addison's we put her on a vegan diet and within a year she is fully off of all medication we just got her test results back and everything is in order.. Her levels are all 100% in order. She is the only dog that we know of that has been cured.. We highly recommend anyone curious about our situation to contact us.. It's not hard or expensive you just simply put the dog on a plant based vegan diet.. No supplements involved just simple food.. I can provide any medical records for proof. My email is

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