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advice needed on my poorly cat

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kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 17:27:40

Hi i would really like some advice please
my cat is 1 year old male normally very brightly and active, very friendly lovely beautiful cat.
Since yesterday he is just lying down, he has not moved or gone for a wee or gone outside which is something he always does. He has eaten but is not himself.

Could this be him just being off coulour like humans have off days or do i need to take him to the vets yet?

I have picked him up to cuddle him and he has not seemed in any discomfort just miserable and wanting to sllep all the time.

advice please

catinthehat2 Sun 29-Nov-09 17:40:44

Before the real animal experts get here, have a really really close up examination of his body.

Check his fur all over for stuff stuck in it as that can pull and hurt

Check him inch by inch for bits or scratches which are hurting him - separate his coat so you can see his skin

Gently squeeze his legs to see if he has a local bruise or sore bit

Check his pads and claws to make sure nothing is digging in, and that his claws are undamaged.

Look in his ears, look in his gob if he'll let you to make sure ther's no foreign objects.

Do it in a good light as its so dark its hard to see this time of year - hope he's not a black cat!

Are there any other big cats giving him a hard time in the neighbourhood? Has he eaten a bad mouse?

In any case, stick him near a radiator and keep cehcking on him but if there's nothing obvious, you'll need the vet

catinthehat2 Sun 29-Nov-09 17:41:28

-bits- = bites

FabIsVeryLucky Sun 29-Nov-09 17:42:50

Can you phone out of hours vet for advice?

WhatDidISayRoy Sun 29-Nov-09 17:45:23

If he has not weed for 24 hours you need to see a vet. It could be those crystal thingys cats get and can become ill quite quickly. HOpe he is ok.

beautifulgirls Sun 29-Nov-09 18:17:20

If you have ANY doubt about him urinating call the vet urgently. A blocked bladder is a very serious thing. It does not matter that it is Sunday evening - ring!

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 18:24:54

right thanks guys i am going to give him another examintation over every part of his body to check him, hes still rolling over to have his tummy rubbed but still looks miserable, prehaps after checking him over again i might find something that is causing this

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 18:31:02

well ive checked him all over and couldnt see anything, i couldnt get into his mouth as he wouldnt open it for me which is quite normal.

I got a pouch of food and he has jumped down to eat it and seems fine when he does walk but he has jumped straight back up to where he was lying to go back to sleep.

its a mystery

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 18:31:41

think i am going to see if her urinates within the next hour and if not i will give vet a ring

Joolsiam Sun 29-Nov-09 18:32:18

One of my cats had a blocked bladder, but I knew he was in distress - he kept trying to go and straining - when I phoned up for an appointment, the vet told me to bring him straight in, as something in the urine is fatally poisonous if they can't "go" within 24 hours.

Are his eyes and nose clear ?

catinthehat2 Sun 29-Nov-09 18:33:36

Really sorry for cat, hope you get him sorted asap.

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 18:34:46

actually funny you say that my dd told me that this morning she wiped a little discharge from one of his eyes but he has not had any more since

catinthehat2 Sun 29-Nov-09 18:37:13

Oh just seen there's nothing - is he trying to wee but failing and squeaking? A cat with cystitis will sit in a few places on the litter and scrape around hoping that they've been, and sometimes squeak as it hurts when they squeeze something out. Joolsiam's post applies.

BellaBonJovi Sun 29-Nov-09 18:42:11

Please! Pick up the phone to your vet now.

There could be something very seriously wrong with him and you really should not be faffing about on the internet - please call you vet.

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 18:55:59

ok i know whats wrong with him now

ive checked him over a few times and tried to do it with keeping him as comfortable as possible
ive just asked my dh to check him, he picked him up and went to take him outside to see if he would wee and as he put him down i noticed he lifted one of his back paws off the floor. On closer examination he has a swollen back paw and what looks like possibly a ripped out claw

he probably did it at some point during the night i reckon, im going to give the vet a ring to see what they suggest poor thing

BellaBonJovi Sun 29-Nov-09 18:56:48

your vet

For instance - he may have been hit by a car, and have internal injuries - all sorts.

Please don't hang on waiting to see if he urinates - an active 1 year old cat not moving since yesterday has to see a vet asap.

BellaBonJovi Sun 29-Nov-09 18:57:39

x post - a ripped claw would fit with being hit by a car, possibly.

catinthehat2 Sun 29-Nov-09 19:21:57

The claw's probably very painful, is he cleaning it or is it too sore? If you've been handling him and struggling to find out what's wrong I think a car hit is not so likely as he would have many sore places all over which you would have noticed. It sounds like the daft animal has fallen off a fence or tree and got his toe hooked on something at the wrong moment, so his whole foot may feel sore. He's probably rolling over for fuss because his leg feels so painful. I'm glad its that not a weeing problem.

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 19:22:48

just spoken to the vet they dont think he needs to be seen today they have advised me to bath his paw in warm salty water and shut my cat flap off.

i have done this and put the cat little tray back down luckily i still have one.

They think its just the paw and he has probably hurt it climbing somewhere (i do live surrounded by woods) so possibly, they think he is ok because he is still eating, they want to see if he goes to the toilet during the night which will be hard to tell as i have another cat but i will watch him closely and take on board their advice

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 19:23:51

do cats claws grow back???

catinthehat2 Sun 29-Nov-09 19:29:12

I'm sure it will all heal up and the claw will grow back from the break. Pick up your other mog and just check his feet to compare (sqeeze his toe to get him to show a claw). Sick cat would have had to rip out one almighty chunk of foot to take away the bit the claw sprouts from.

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 19:34:02

oh ok that makes me feel better

also hes eating lots more food and ive opened the back to and hes been sitting there staring at it as though he would like to go out

am relieved its nothing serious even though it must be sore

catinthehat2 Sun 29-Nov-09 19:38:29

Tell him off from me for being a wally!! grin
Glad he's perked up

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 20:06:11

he did venture outside and although i couldnt see where he went as it is very dark im guessing it must have been for a wee because he came back after about 15 mins

i will just give him some tlc and see how the paw is in the morning

Sexysuzie84 Sat 04-Jun-16 23:19:09

Hello everyone I have a six week old cat that keeps sneezing could it be anything serious? He's eating perfectly and drinking plenty and very lively and very Playful xx please can anyone help x

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