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Leopard Gecko

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Bumblelion Mon 09-Nov-09 14:57:45

Can anyone advise me? Have got a leopard gecko - beautiful creature, son's pet - very well looked after in a good environment. Seems to be doing well - had it 6 months now.

It it now shedding its skin (was a bit dull looking before it started shedding) - and apparentely shedding its skin is a good sign that is is happy,

The trouble is the skin has shed from everywhere apart from his/her head and it is covering its eyes. Should I leave it to carry on shredding naturally or should I help it (or does it need to go to the vets as it may be poorly).

GentleOtter Mon 09-Nov-09 15:05:10

I cannot advise on leopard geckos but I have a chameleon who sheds regularly in stages.
I increase the humidity in the viv and provide rough bark for him to rub against and the full shedding is over in roughly a week.

Have you googled some of the reptile keepers forums? There are experienced herp keepers who are willing to answer any queries.

Try the Scottish Exotic Pets forum.

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