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I took on board all the hard work involved with a puppy and prepared myself for the worst, now she is here and I love her sooo much - some positives for new puppy owners

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notimefortv Sun 08-Nov-09 22:33:57

Got my little Bichon Poo (Dolly) on Friday - had woken up with a few cold sweats in the last few weeks thinking about how much harder my life is gonna get.

Read loads of threads on here outlining all the hard work involved.

Talked myself through the daily grind that would be involved and made sure I was fully aware of the responsibility.

Worked hard to overcome ALL the negative comments that EVERYONE gave me about getting a puppy.

AND, I am totally overjoyed to say - it's been fantastic!

I love little Dolly - she is alseep at my feet as I write.

She knows where her bed is.

She has done loads of poo's and wee's outside already - clever girl!

She was asleep her bed when I got back from quick school runs on Friday with no mess in the kitchen.

She 'cried'a little on night one and hardly at all on night 2.

She eats and drinks well.

She is soo cute and is a delight to watch with the children - especialy DC3 age one.

HARDEST bit is watching her CONSTANTLY when she is up to catch if she looks like she is gonna wee. There have been a few puddles on the carpet etc but I am working hard get her to go outside and tell me when she needs to go.

We have a long way to go but she is so part of the family already. I am soo happy as was worried beforehand.

Am reading lots and lots to see how to move her on and train her well.

She is our little bundle of joy.

smile. phew - sorry for long post!

P.S. When do you think I will be able to turn my back on her for a minute and not worry about a puddle!

P.P.S. Getting out in the moring for a school run may change some of the positive above!

ib Sun 08-Nov-09 22:39:38

That is so fantastic. We had the same with our dog. Dh was in a total panic after I had warned him about all the hard work it would be (and that he'd have to do it all as I was still waking up at night with ds and felt that that was my fair share).

Our dog was pretty much fully toilet trained in two weeks - it was pretty much there after a week but still had a few accidents overnight in the second week. And that was it.

He has responded fantastically to training in every way, is obedient, loving and generally a pleasure - even now that he is a 40 kg lump of a 1 year old! And undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to ds.

notimefortv Sun 08-Nov-09 22:48:13

hi ib - am really glad to hear that it possible to have a positive experience from the start, having read so many negatives.

Fingers crossed to me being able to potter happily around with her without watching her like a hawk soon!

Tomorrow we try with her collar and maybe a car jouney - perhaps even one of the school runs - just carrying her though as she not had second injection yet.

Only thing I must do is start going to bed earlier (am a bit of a night owl) so I can get up and get kitchen clean of any mess, give her breakfast and get her outside to toilet before kids are up.

One day I will learn to go to bed earlier!

purpleduck Sun 08-Nov-09 22:49:48

Good news!!!Totally not envy that you have a snuggly new puppy

BellaBonJovi Mon 09-Nov-09 08:47:44 lovely wink

As far as 'when can you turn your back on her and she won't wee?' goes, she's too young yet to take on that responsibility. The onus is on you - take her out every hour on the hour, as well as when she wakes and when she has eaten, plus when she gets very excited. She will, I am sure, pick it up very quickly but she has no real bladder control as yet so you have to be pro-active.

Very best of luck with her - she sounds lovely wink

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