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Puppy is nipping

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LuckySalem Sun 08-Nov-09 22:17:17

I know puppies nip and was aware of this when I got her but any tips on how to stop it?

She also tries to trip me up while I'm walking. She's still not doing it with DD but I'm slightly worried now that its not going to take long.
I've crated her or put her outside when she's done it and she comes back in/out more excited and goes for me again.
I've also shouted very loud when she's done it and she back away for a second but once she sees I've stopped she comes straight back.
I'm pretty sure it won't be long till she breaks the skin now.

BellaBonJovi Mon 09-Nov-09 08:54:46

Hi Lucky - congrats on your pup wink

Various methods for stopping nipping - yell 'Ow', fold your arms and turn your back on pup. Or walk out the room.

Never use the crate as a punishment. It is there to be a safe den for your pup, so you want it to have lots of positive associations.

As far as tripping you up - she won't be trying to trip you up (dogs don't think like that) - my guess is she is running in excited little circles round your feet as you walk, looking up at you. That's what puppies do when they are very small. Training will help - have you got a training book or are you going to classes (highly recommended)?

beautifulgirls Mon 09-Nov-09 09:40:20

Once you have made the dog aware you are not happy, find an appropriate behaviour for her to use - get a toy for her and praise her for now doing the right thing. She will soon start to prefer things she knows make you happy.

BCNSback Mon 09-Nov-09 09:55:47

we've always used the squeaky high pitched 'ow ' and the given not attention as described before. Lots of praise for playing with the right toys.. ie not your skin.

as far as tripping you up, I am totally sure pup just wants to be near you and propbably wants to try and make you play.. ( the way pups bowl over each other all the time). try gently pushing her away and saying 'away' or 'no'.. treat when tshe does as she's told.. she'll soon get the hang of it.

we use 'away' it has proved invaluable for lots of situations where we want ours to move away from something. ( si ck on the floor/ potties.. things we don't want her to eat, and also people who come across her who don'ty like dogs or other dogs when needed. It's a really useful command.

would be worth 'training' your dc/s as awell to react in the same manner as you. Squeaky playful children can end up in the pups eyes as puppy pals.. and therfore worth trying the nip and pull to try and get to play. Teaching the dc/s how to send pup away nicely can save a whole lot of issues.


LuckySalem Mon 09-Nov-09 19:45:41

with the tripping up, she wraps a paw around my leg as I'm trying to walk. lol

Will try those other suggestions and see whether it works.

Thanks very much all

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