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Anyone else lost a small pet this week?

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Curiousmama Sat 07-Nov-09 22:41:36

The boys guinea pig died, it was old at 7 but seems strange it dies firework week? Awful thing is it lives at exdh's and he's away. My friend who lives near him found it dead and is burying her so it saves us doing it. I loved the guinea pig and her sister..she died a few months ago.

Why I ask if anyone else has lost a small pet is my friend's budgie died out of the blue a couple of nights ago. It wasn't old though.

snigger Sat 07-Nov-09 22:45:46

Oh, don't - we're shedding guinea pigs like dandruff right now - if they're not escaping they're dying of old age, all in the same week.

We have many of them, so the kids are less affected, but I seem to be mourning one tiny rodent corpse or another damn near perpetually recently.

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