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Do you think rabbits are scared by fireworks?

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I wasn't going to buy any but succumbed as a £30 box was on offer for £7 in the local shop. The rabbits are in a hutch/run combo down the end of the garden. They've actually dug a burrow under the hutch and live down there so am thinking they will be quite insulated from any noise?

lucykate Fri 06-Nov-09 12:11:45

ime rabbits have very fragile constitutions, if you can, i'd move them into a garage/shed, or if they are hiding in the burrow, could you chuck a big, thick blanket over the hutch to insulate them further?

FernieB Fri 06-Nov-09 14:24:38

It's hard to predict how a rabbit will react - mine freaks out if our garden hedgehog strolls up to the window, but was quite relaxed about a cat-fight in our garden this morning. She's also not fussed about fireworks and it gets very loud here on New Years Eve. Are they quite chilled out in general? I would go with lucykate's suggestions and stick a blanket over them just in case.

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