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thinking about getting a dog,,,,,,

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newweddingname Mon 02-Nov-09 20:02:37

Not sure where to start! where is the best place for advice? At home there is me, dp, dd 18 months and 2 cats. dp would like a rescue dog but I dont think thats going to happen as lots of places dont seem to want to place rescue dogs with small children.

Can anyone reccomend a breed that is good with young children? Anybody know any good websites?


Vallhala Mon 02-Nov-09 23:24:49

Okay... for a start, many rescues don't have a blanket ban on rehoming to families with children, especially independent ones, so its always worth asking. (I speak here as a volunteer for such a rescue).

As for breeds, there are no guarantees... go for personality not a type would be my advice. For example, I have a Lab cross who can be very stroppy with strangers and who no decent rescue would home with children and a German Shepherd who is as soft as butter... but the general opinion of both breeds would indicate that their personalities should be the other way round. I'd recommend a German Shepherd above all others but this may not be right for you - I'm biased anyway and love the breed!

Choice of breed also depends on your home and lifestyle. A collie would be great for a family which does a lot of country walking but might prove unhappy and/or destructive if bored in a town environment with a family too busy to walk him enough. Consider too the cost of maintaining certain dogs, the inherent health problems which can go with some breeds and so on. And son't, please, don't, disregard crossbreeds, which are often healthier and make wonderful companions.

If you are seeking a pedigree breed and have an idea in mind look at the breed rescue websites and join the forums where you will meet experienced owners only too happy to advise and share experiences. We love talking about our dogs! Likewise some independent rescues have their own forums - you don't have to adopt from them to gain friendly help.

One thing, please for goodness sake beware of puppy farmers. If you are going for a pup ALWAYS see it with the mother in the home, and ask the Kennel Club for a list of reputable breeders (though of course I recommend rescuing as so many unwanted dogs die needlessly each day).

If you'd like to tell more about your lifestyle, whether you're in a town, what experience you have etc I'll certainly do my best to come up with some more suggestions.

Whatever you do, take your time. If you adopt from a rescue ensure that you have a contract to be able to return the dog there should you be unable to keep him at any point in the future and adopt from an organisation willing to match you with the right dog and give ongoing support and advice.

Good luck!

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