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A geeky thread about fish

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sweetnitanitro Mon 02-Nov-09 18:37:41

Nice to see some other fish geeks enthusiasts on mn, would love to know what you all have in your tanks grin

I currently have-

37 gallon tank with congo tetras and hoplo catfish, but this has to go soon I have found the fish a nice home with a friend.

12 gallon tank with celestial pearl danios

Both tanks are heavily planted but I don't bother with any hi-tech CO2 or anything because I'm lazy and poor

In the past I've kept bolivian rams and various corys and I've kept and bred fancy goldfish and peacock gobies.

In the future (it'll have to wait til I move!) I want a specialist river tank so I can have hillstream loaches and a cichlid set up of some description but I haven't decided what yet.

So, tell me all about your fish grin

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