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Having trouble puppy training! So the advice seems to be NOT to put papaer down at night but ...

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Disenchanted3 Thu 29-Oct-09 16:53:01

our dogs just pee all over the floor still.

We put paper down but I am sick of the pee, they sleep near the back door, its a 2m x2m area so lots of room for 2 pups (small pugs) with a sleeping crate and food & water.

They pee and poo ALOT in the night despite having access to out side well past midnight.

The advice we have had and thried is to not put paper down, they poo & wee and its alot harder to clean.

And also to lock them in the crate at night, we tried this (but it was about 6 weeks ago when they were very little) and they pooed and wee'd in the cage hmm

I've had enough of the wee int he house, the backdoor area is starting to get a permenant small despite daily cleaning and I want it sorted,

Please help!!

MonsterousNasalPustule Thu 29-Oct-09 18:11:29

We crated ours at night and they had the odd accident but generally held it toill morning, tho the crate wasn't huge. Could the food they are having be upsetting their tummy's?

Disenchanted3 Thu 29-Oct-09 19:36:00

No, its not the runs, they do healthy poos in the day, but they do the same at night rather than holding it in.

But to be fair to them its like we have tought them to poo there in a way with the paper so we can't be mad at them.

But they still pee in the living room and kitchen too.

Its really getting me down because I love them so much but feel resentful that they come in after being int he garden and pee in my front room when they have access to the garden at all times!

amazonianwoman Thu 29-Oct-09 21:38:17

Do they have free access to the garden or do you actively take them out to wee & poo?

We actively take out our 10wk old pup (miniature schnauzer) so we can heap loads of praise on him when he does his business outside. If he just trotted out himself he wouldn't learn that it is better to go outside.

What time do you give them their last feed? Could it be too late, so they need to poo during the night? Ours is fed at 6.30pm (never leave food down) and always does a poo before midnight, so can then hold on til 7am-ish. He's locked in crate, has never had paper.

Actually I think we've just been lucky! He's never messed in crate, and as long as I keep an eye on him, he's about 80-90% there now. Maybe try the crate again - they're older so may be able to hold on better now?

What are you using to clean the indoor areas with? It needs to be biological, not ammonia based, to get rid of any odour or they'll pick up on the smell then wee/poo there again. I got some Simple Solution from Pets at Home.

Good luck, I can imagine it's tough with 2 pups...

tibni Fri 30-Oct-09 15:35:30

We use a crate at night too for our 14 week old pup and it is always clean and dry now. We only ever had the odd wee and always at the far end of the crate away from the bed.

We have given our pup free access which he manages well - however he is not good at "asking" if the door is shut! he expects us to mind read! Ok right now but not so good in winter! But we will get there.

Good luck

minimu Fri 30-Oct-09 16:55:47

Dischenchanted3 you are a star to put up with this!

What I would do is treat them like 8 week old pups. Take them out every hour to pee and poo. When they do go crazy with praise and give them a titbit. Take them out last thing a night and lock them in their crates.

DO they have a crate each and how big is the crate? The crate needs to be large enough for one dog to sit up and lie out straight but no bigger as then they will be able to wee away from their sleeping area.
DO not put paper in the crate.

Initially I would leave them in their crate overnight and not take them out in the night but if this does not work as they have got used to relieving themselves in the night I would do as follows.
If you can bear it I would set my alarm for 1.00o'clockish and take them out for a wee not talking or interaction at all. Then back to their crate

Do get a specialist cleaner from a pet shop that will get rid of the smell in the house. Not only for hygiene reasons but also it stops the smell that encourages the dogs to pee.

I think that they have just got confused and need to be shown the right tract again. Good luck it will get better honest!

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