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help! anyone out there? crate or playpen tonight?

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alysonpeaches Tue 27-Oct-09 22:15:51

This little darling has been spoilt by the girls I got him from, I think he might even have been sleeping with them! Anyway, I cant work out whether to put him in the kitchen in a crate: crate is small, its a cat carrier, but he can stand up and turn round in it. It just seems too small. My other option is our playpen with his regular fabric dog bed in, possibly with a furry hot water bottle?

What do you think?

Dont want to wake the kids and upset the neighbours, but can do "controlled crying" with him if necessary!!!

My brain isnt working, Ive got sinusitis, so I need someone else to make my decisions.

amazonianwoman Tue 27-Oct-09 22:45:27

Cat carrier tonight then rush out tomorrow to buy the right sized crate?

Our crate is a godsend for our 10 wk old puppy - used it from night one, he only wimpered for about 5-10 mins then slept from around midnight til 6am smile He has never wee'd/poo'd in it.

I use a heatpad (snugglesafe), put a ticking clock just outside the crate and leave the radio on low. And put in a blanket that smelled of his mum. And one smelling of me grin It was pretty cosy!

Good luck smile

alysonpeaches Wed 28-Oct-09 13:31:15

Well, I retired before your message arrived. I put him in the kitchen in his basket with a fleece covered hot water bottle and he was fine all night. A family member has promised me a crate but I cant face the drive north atm.

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