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rescueing a dog with children under 5 years old , can we????

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Babywhiting Tue 27-Oct-09 11:38:59

We often look at private rehoming sites as we have looked before at rescueing a dog only to be told its almost impossible for us to get a suitable dog when we have 4 children all under 9 (youngest is 18 months). Any thoughts??? we live in east anglia and have 1 dog and 3 cats!!

alysonpeaches Tue 27-Oct-09 22:19:52

Some rescues do have different criteria, but you know yourself if you can manage. I have 4 kids too, youngest 12 months, so avoided rescues, we have just taken on a pup. I look at it this way, we are used to getting up in the night. People without kids arent! Also at least Im at home all the time!

saintmaybe Tue 27-Oct-09 22:57:12

The rescue centre near us wouldn't let us home a guinea pig because we had a child under 7!, so I'd think you'd be unlikely to be able to rehome a dog

elastamum Tue 27-Oct-09 23:02:37

I doubt it, and i wouldnt if i had kids that young. I have just got a re homed labradoodle. the breeder gave her to me as i have 2 of her sisters. she wouldnt hurt a fly but is very hyper and needy as she has been shut in and starved. she wouldnt hurt a soul but would frighten the life out of small children. My youngest is 8 and she is his dog but she is proving to be hard work atm - mostly for me and our lovely au pair!

Vallhala Tue 27-Oct-09 23:06:56

The independent East Anglian rescue I'm a volunteer for considers each application individually and has no blanket policy about children in the home. They work with you to match you with the right dog and will be honest, if disappoining, if they feel that the dog you have seen and fallen for isn't right for you and yours. They may suggest an alternative and if they can't they will say so and keep your details for when/if a suitable dog comes to their rescue or to their attention.

At present I can't think of any wich would be suited to your family at their rescue but if you'd like to please do have a look at their forum and better still email to register and introduce yourself, tell a bit about your household and join in the chat. You'd be made very welcome. We'll also see if we can suggest any other rescues which may be able to help you depending on your circumstances and area.

The rescue I help is Poplar Farm Rescue Kennels -

galen Wed 28-Oct-09 20:53:35

I do think it is a real shame that there is such a blanket policy on this at so many rescues. You know yourself whether you could manage a dog or not. WE have 6 children, youngest 18 months , then 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 . There was no way we could get a dog from a rescue centre anywhere near us. In the end we placed an addon our local free adds site and ended up rehoming a gorgeous 6 month old crossbreed. Her owner had got a new job with long hours and nights away and was so glad to rehome her rather than heve to put her into a rescue.
She is so gorgeous and much loved! We live near fields and woodland and she has 2 45 min walks at least a day. I am a SAHM so she is never without company for long, and she just adores playing with the children in the garden. I feel we provide her a loving happy home - and after 6 children caring for a puppy is a breeze LOL

bedlambeast Wed 28-Oct-09 21:06:23

Message withdrawn

Vallhala Wed 28-Oct-09 23:51:42

Bedlam, you were turned down by rescue depite being a homechecker for Danes???

What the hell are these rescues doing, apart from losing potentially great owners and causing dogs to die? Words fail me!

Did the Spaniel rescue operate a blanket policy or did they have a reason in your particular circumstances? Fair enough if they didn't have a suitable dog, I applaud them for being honest but if this isn't the case... hmm

My local East Anglian rescue have just taken in from a family home a 9 month old Husky. He's a bit vocal and needs further training as his recall is hopeless but a potentially wonderful family pet I understand. I'll meet him tomorrow when I go there to help out.

So, if anyone thinks that they might have the perfect home for him do have a word with PFK! At least they will listen to you and judge you on your situation and not on a pre-formed, set in stone regulations.

bedlambeast Thu 29-Oct-09 00:06:50

Message withdrawn

Vallhala Thu 29-Oct-09 00:25:28

Bedlam, the buggers need shooting!

If you can cope with a man aggressive Wolfie and kids as well as an ex-worker Spaniel, which is much different to a pet bred one, I for one have no doubt that you could cope with a rescue spaniel. Fair enough if they all had a history of aggression towards young children but I don't think so somehow!

I hope to god this wasn't one of the Spaniel rescues I've worked with... grrr!

I had the same when I went to Battersea and my DC were small. Of the hundreds of dogs there I don't think I saw one which was in their opinion suited to young children. I was disbelieving at the time... now that I help independent rescue, and in paricular one which takes the needy/sick/old/allegedly aggressive/problem dogs which the big rescues won't touch I know that Battersea were talking bull.

As has been said here, its a case of perservering and finding an independent recue which cares about both the dogs and the families, doesn't have a blanket policy and isn't most concerned about being seen to be PC. They DO exist, so keep looking and asking Babywhiting.

JodieO Thu 29-Oct-09 09:26:41

I know that Woodgreen animal shelter does rehome to people with children, each dog has a minimum age child that they can be homed with plus if they're good with other dogs etc. The rspca at block fen also do, we got our puppy from them.

Vallhala Thu 29-Oct-09 15:58:51

IME Wood Green have been widely criticised for it's strict policy on rehoming to families with young children. Its certainly worth asking, but don't hold your breath if you have four under-9s - I'd advise phoning before making a long trip as I fear that suitable dogs, whilst not thin on the ground at Wood Green, will rarely be okayed for homing with 4 young children.

As JodieO says, they do assess as to suitability with other dogs, as should ANY rescue.

All this talk of dogs is making me most peed off - I wasn't able to get to my local rescue to help today and to get my "doggy fix".

JodieO Thu 29-Oct-09 16:44:43

Wood green were really helpful, you can see dogs on their website and some are suitable for 5 years and over, 7 years and over but also some are any age. I have a 2 year old ds, 6 year old and a 7 year old and we saw a few dogs that were suitable for their age. They do always say that they will chat about it though, if you know what to expect and are confident with dogs they lower it sometimes (happened with us).

I would definitely call beforehand but they told us they try to get dogs ready to be put up on their website for saturday mornings as they get most people visiting then. We did go there often and it was so busy at those times, literally a line at the gate so you do have to be quick about it. You also can only reserve a dog in person so sometimes it's better to get there early on the Saturday morning and hope for the best.

In the end we rehomed a puppy from the rspca at block fen, which is about 45 mins from us, but she's now 4 months old and doing well I think she was 8 weeks when we brought her home.

I do love Wood green though, so friendly and helpful there. We rehomed 2 kittens from them who are now 6ish months too, lovely they are

Vallhala Thu 29-Oct-09 21:19:32

Sorry JodieO, I stand corrected. Thank you for putting me right.

As I said, this what I have had coming back to me from people who have approached independent rescue having been turned down/given a very limited choice by WGAS because of having young children. Clealy things are different now, I haven't heard anyone speak of such experiences for the past while admittedly, those were just the last I'd heard. Sometimes its really good to be told I'm wrong!

Babywhiting Sat 31-Oct-09 09:07:19

the stupid thing is we already have a 9 month old gsd bitch and 2 cats and a deaf kitten, if i can cope with all that and am prepared to offer a home, then why is it that most rescue homes seem to force you to buy a puppy as they wont rehome a fully grown dog with you??? what is going on with this world,???

i've always had gsd's and we'd love another dog , i guess preloved and freeads it is !!!

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