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cancer cat

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VetMedStudent Sun 25-Oct-09 19:18:32

My little 12 year old female died recently. I was totally gutted, but she survived really well. She got a mammary tumour, which is REALLY rare in cats, but had it removed and was given a life expectancy of just 4 months.
Nearly two years later (!) she was still going but she developed brain tumours and started having fits. They were about a month or two apart tho, she we werent sure whether to take her to the vet or not. we were aware that if we did, there would be nothing they could do and she wasnt in pain so we didnt, but after a few months she had about 3 in a row, and lost weight, so we took her in, where they discovered chest tumours too, so she sadly died.

My other cat, a huge, 3-legged monster is now pining though. hes never been close to his sister, and frequently bit her but he is now demanding about 3485934 hours a day of attention, climbing in front of your book when your trying to read, or over the keyboard when im trying to soak up mums net. Not really sure what to do about him, but hes been there most of my life and cant stand the idea or losing him, so i hope his whining isnt a sign of distress meaning the end is nigh...

beautifulgirls Sun 25-Oct-09 21:11:44

Could be a number of different things - is he getting on a bit age wise - presume he was related to the other cat from your post anyway? Worth getting him blood tested for kidneys/liver/thyroid etc just to make sure there are not other reasons for his behaviour.
Cats are funny creatures and despite his apparent indifference to your other cat this could still be related - maybe she dictated his routine a lot more than you knew and now he feels "freedom" to move about unchallenged etc.
Sorry to hear about the loss of your old lady.

VetMedStudent Sun 25-Oct-09 22:41:55

hey cheers for support. My girl had a good old life, with a lot of love and a hell of a lot of affection especially nearer the end, as she began to slow down.

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