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Where's the lady seeking a Springer Cross?

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Vallhala Sat 24-Oct-09 11:42:39

This might be entirely unsuitable for you but I've come across a private owner on one of the rescue websites I'm a member of, with a SS cross (looks almost entirely SS apparently). He's very bouncy (so no very young children) and his one fault appears to be lead issues in that he goes berserk if he sees another dog while on lead because he wants to play (as does my GSD, but it can be overcome, I'm getting there with him).

If you're interested please email me at

Should you be interested I'd seriously, seriously advise you to allow me to find "rescue back up" before offering him a home - ie an agreement in advance with a no-kill rescue who will take the dog if for whatever reason the rehoming didn't work out or circumstances changed in the future and you couldn't keep him.

Hope this helps.

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