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any vets/vet nurses out there can you talk me through my 1500 pound bill?

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Restrainedrabbit Mon 19-Oct-09 13:36:21

My elderly Basset Hound (13) came in from the garden last night at 10pm looking very bloated and grunting abnormally, having had 4 bassets and knowing of other bassets that have died from gastric tortion I rang the vet straight away and took her in to the surgery. The vet said that it was gastric tortion and that they would operate on her straight away, they couldn't reinflate(?) with a tube so opened her up and fiddled about(!!) etc the spleen wasn't involved and it was a slow tortion so she was very lucky. She is now home and sleeping I am very grateful for the swift actions of the vet and really appreciate him helping my old friend.

The bill came to 1500 pounds!! I was abit shocked, fortunately we are insured with Petplan so (because of her age) 'only' have to pay 20% plus 118pounds of the bill however I will be made redundant next month so even 400pounds is a lot for us at the moment. But I am surprised it is so much and in my shock forgot to ask for the breakdown, why would it cost that much?

beautifulgirls Mon 19-Oct-09 14:01:50

You are talking MAJOR surgery here (as well as after hours fees) - that fee sounds pretty reasonable to me for the amount of work involved. You were incredibly lucky your dog is still here as only 50% are likely to make it through.

I would suggest if you require more details of the actual fees you call the surgery and ask for an itemised account to be made available and if necessary to discuss this directly with the practice too.

Restrainedrabbit Mon 19-Oct-09 14:16:58

Yes I know she was very lucky I know of several bassets that have died from this I think I will ask for an itemised breakdown, just for interest really.

chickchickchickee Mon 19-Oct-09 14:26:08

I'll give you a quick, VERY rough guide to what's involved with a torsion where I work from memory (touch wood we haven't had one in a long time), with some rough figures, but these will vary from practice to practice:

Emergency call out £200
Around 3hrs surgical time £400
Sterile supplies [things like suture material, surgeons gown etc] £200
Use of suction £50
Diagnostic Xrays - £100 or so
2 IV catherers @ £60 each
4 x 1 litre bags of iv fluids @ £10 a bag
Pre medication - £4 or so based on weight
Anasthetic induction £80
Pain relief £20 (depending on whats used)

Restrainedrabbit Mon 19-Oct-09 14:55:26

Thanks chick, that is helpful

Biobytes Mon 19-Oct-09 15:00:14

My dog had a couple of teeth removed last year and it was almost 200 pounds.

The other one, swallowed plastic and had to have an operation and the bill came up to £1800

So... considering it was an emergency I think that £1500 is not so out of the mark.

My vet provides itemised receipts for insurance purposes, would yours too?

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