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Think one of my rabbits has got mixi

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They're both innoculated but one of them hasn't been opening her eyes very well for the last few days. Next door neighbour just said it looks like mixi. I'm waiting for the vet to open, will they be able to do anything?

beautifulgirls Mon 19-Oct-09 14:04:27

Oh dear - doesn't sound great. It will depend on how poorly she is as to whether it is fair for them to consider supportive care and to see if she can pull through or not. Meanwhile please ask them for some advantage for rabbits and treat the other rabbit against fleas as it is insects like these that are likely to transmit this between them.

How often does your vet vaccinate? If you are in a high risk area the manufacturers recommend every 6 months. Worth talking to your vet about this if this is not the case.

Vallhala Mon 19-Oct-09 14:05:57

They can treat symptoms but not the disease - if they get it early enough there is hope although by no means is it a certainty that she'd recover. That said, it would be unusual for a vaxed rabbit to get myxi, so it is entirely possible that your neighbour is mistaken. I hope they are.

Wishing her well.

Not myxi! She has an ulcer in her eye from a scratch. So thats a lot better. Got eye drops and oral drops for her. Much happier.

Vallhala Mon 19-Oct-09 14:53:22

Good to hear it Stripey. You must be very releived.

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