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psssst FAB look here i need a chat

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OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry Mon 19-Oct-09 07:58:06

hehehhe Hello Fab, do trust you are well.

As I know you and I both have winniwigs - thought I would tell you, that DD and I started with one (rescue from RSPCA) and now, we have 4!!!!!!!

I bought 3 baby girls - they are so beautiful

One is a black rex so her hair is curly (was going to be called Pube, but called Curlie)

One is short smooth and ginger (was going to be called Bianca, but DD settled for Honey)

And my newset one which is only 7 weeks and is teeeeny tiny is white on one half and cream on other and is a twistie abysinian

I love them so much

Bought a shed, have devided it into sections, fenced it properly with weld mesh - insulated the roof and walls with bubble wrap - run a 20m extension lead to the shed just to have a light, and now waiting for a heat lamp to arrive so I can keep them warm when it's really cold


OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry Mon 19-Oct-09 07:59:27

oh, and they have runs out side - but its just getting too cold and damp here for that.

The new cream one is called Custard btw

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