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Charlie the rescue dog needs a home - could it be yours?

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Vallhala Mon 19-Oct-09 01:07:25

This is a brief description of Charlie, a lovely friendly boy who is currently resident at the East Anglian rescue I help out at. I can personally vouch for Charlie as I have met and interacted with him many times, as have my 12 and 14 year old daughters. Photo and more info available upon request as I haven't a clue how or even if I can post pictures here!

Charlie is a tan mixed breed neutered male of around 12 - 18 months old. He is very bouncy and friendly with people and is still very much a puppy in his behaviours so will definitely benefit from further training. Charlie is medium sized and solidly built so best suited to older children. We understand that Charlie has previously lived with a family.

Charlie has been with the rescue long enough for us all to know and love him. He is a very affectionate boy - he just wants to be everyone's friend - and we are all extremely fond of him. His current home is Poplar Farm Rescue Kennels (PFK) in Cambridgeshire - they normally only rehome within about 60 miles but they will make exceptions so if you are interested in Charlie, please do contact me or PFK, no matter where you live.

PFK are a non profit making independent rescue funded entirely by the owners and mad people like me. They have a strong 'no-kill' policy (unless the dog is suffering beyond help) and hence some of their older, poorly or more difficult dogs are at PFK for life.

PFK neuter, vaccinate and microchip and offer lifetime support and advice. They also commit very firmly to taking any dog of theirs back into the rescue if for whatever reason the owner cannot keep him. Their dogs are assessed and treated as necessary before they are rehomed and they always endeavour to match the right dog to the right owner.

Sometimes this results in people approaching PFK with an interest in one dog but PFK suggesting another as they feel that the dog the family have in mind is not the most suitable. On occasion a family will adopt a different dog to the one they originally enquired about after meeting the dogs, talking to PFK and falling in love with the perfect dog but one which they just wouldn't have considered owning yet which becomes a friend for life.

OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry Mon 19-Oct-09 07:52:19

I live in suffolk.

Will he eat my guineapigs? If not - I can have him

Vallhala Mon 19-Oct-09 14:01:44

Only, he's not been small animal tested at PFK as there is no facility to do so. I'd say that he would be very interested in guinea pigs but that he is sufficiently young and willing to please to be trained BUT I have had foster dogs which I just COULDN'T cat-train and ex racing Greyhounds who I COULD, so it is in that sense hard to judge.

As you're not so far from PFK, if you're interested in Charlie perhaps its an idea that you email them and tell them a bit about yourself and family and arrange an appointment to go and meet him... fingers crossed.

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