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Catteries - opinions and views please. Thinking of getting 2 kittens. Holiday dilema.

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TheConstantIroner Sun 18-Oct-09 16:44:10

I'm thinking of getting a couple of moggy kittens, probably rescue ones.

My only reservation is, what to do with them when we go on holiday?

We have the use of my parents' holiday home and use it for most school holidays, which can sometimes total about 7 weeks a year, though only ever one week at a time.

Because there are often other relatives with young children and dogs staying there, it is not an option to take the cats with us. I can't guarantee they wouldn't get outside and I'm sure thet wouldn't like strange dogs!

A friend has offered to feed them if I leave them at home. This may be ok for the occasional week but certainly not all of the time. Dh is not keen on the idea of pet sitters.

So my only option is a cattery. Am I being selfish in sending cats there so often?
The reason I would get two cats/kittens is so they could keep each other company when we are away.
I'm interested to know how other people's cats cope with going to catteries?
Anyone use them on a regular basis?
I wouldn't consider the cattery option until they were at least 8 months old and well settled.

Am I being selfish to even consider getting cat?

cornsilk Sun 18-Oct-09 16:45:57

I think 7 weeks is too long to leave cats. They would probably leave home.

MitchyInge Sun 18-Oct-09 16:49:59

that is a really long holiday, cats would probably be semi-feral by the time you get back

would probably cost loads at a decent cattery too - how about a house sitter? might not be that much more

DottyDot Sun 18-Oct-09 16:53:50

If the 7 weeks a year are only ever one week at a time then I don't think it's a problem.

I'd ask your friend to do maybe 1 - 2 weeks and then find an organisation to come in and feed them for the other holiday weeks.

We had someone when we lived in London who was fab - she would come once a day and feed our cats, draw/open some of the curtains, put the post in a pile and generally keep an eye on the house - can't remember the cost but it wasn't extortionate and gave us peace of mind.

We wouldn't use catteries - too disruptive for the cats and as long as you've got a cat flap they'll be fine.

123andaway Sun 18-Oct-09 17:24:44

They will be fine for a week or two at a time. As long as someone pops in to and feed and fuss them daily. Either your friend, or get a pet feeder or neighbour to pop in.

We left our mog for 4 weeks the summer before last. She had run of the house and garden, and someone came in to feed her everyday. I think she was a bit miffed when we came back TBH!!!!!

TheConstantIroner Sun 18-Oct-09 17:25:07

Just to clarify - the 7 weeks are only 1 week at a time, not all together.

cornsilk Sun 18-Oct-09 17:25:51

Oh right! That's fine then I think!

TheConstantIroner Sun 18-Oct-09 17:29:25

I'm happy that for some of the weeks I can rely on friends and neighbours to feed and keep an eye on them.

It's the weeks that they will have to be in a cattery that bothers me. Do you think that by getting 2 kittens they will be more settled if I have to leave them in a cattery in the future?

piratecat Sun 18-Oct-09 19:08:25

if you can afford a cattery now and again, then at least they will be safe.

Leaving cats, esp ones who aren't used to their new home, always has a risk that they will buggger off.

NancyBotwin Sun 18-Oct-09 19:23:00

Cats generally prefer to be in their own home rather than a cattery - especially if they are normally allowed to go outside in the garden. Indoor cats might be more amenable to catteries. I always leave ours at home with a neighbour popping in a couple of times a day to feed them. They don't seem to mind being left and I know they visit quite a few of the neighbours gardens & houses even if we are not away so they get some company

beryljinker Sun 18-Oct-09 22:54:23

I agree with what other people have said - cats generally don't like catteries, they like to be in their own home and going away from home without you would be stressful for your cats. Being home alone (particularly as there are two of them) for a week or so at a time would cause far less stress on your cats.

Once the cats have been with you a few months and settles in they should be fine to leave at home for a week, I would suggest you ask a friendly neighbour who you trust to visit once or twice a day to feed and fuss over your cats when you're away, and if you don't have a cat flap let them in/outdoors - if you don't want to give the cats free roam of the house when you're away and they have access to a garden perhaps shut them in just one or two rooms

Ideally try to find a neighbour with cats, that way the cat sitting can be mutual beneficial, as you can look after their cats when they're away and they yours when you're away.

I have left cats home alone for a week or two before with a neighbour feeding them and they have always been fine, plus having someone pop into your house daily while you're away is good in terms of ensuring the house is safe whilst it's empty too.

ib Sun 18-Oct-09 22:59:17

I sent my two cats to a cattery once (had just moved to a new place, had no-one to come and feed them) and it was awful. It really traumatised them.

If you aren't willing to have a cat sitter come once a day to feed them while you are away (if a friend can't make it) then I would say don't get cats - unless a rescue can specifically find ones for you that are used to being in a cattery or something like that.

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