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2 boy bunnies together

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mel1981 Wed 14-Oct-09 11:47:04

We have just got 2 boy bunnies from the same family, but ive been told boys dont get along. Is this true even from the same family? they seem fine together...except in the run they get a bit frisky with eachother hmm

FernieB Wed 14-Oct-09 14:42:34

I think from the same family, they should be okay. I would get them both neutered though to calm them down a bit.

spacedog Sat 17-Oct-09 19:28:52

They should be okay but like FernieB said, definitely get them neutered. And ask the Vet to double check the sex. Keep them together at all times (never separate them, trips to the Vet, post neuter recovery time, etc should always be together). Brothers tend to get on better than 2 females. Don't add a third rabbit to the mix.

spacedog Sat 17-Oct-09 19:32:32

Forgot to say they might get a bit tetchy (humping, chasing) in any new environment. Keep any new space small, try and keep them in their hutch for a week or so before re-introducing the run. Chasing and humping is all about establishing the 'dominant' one in the partnership. They might do this for a while until they settle and work out their hierarchy.

mel1981 Sun 18-Oct-09 22:42:14

Thanks FernieB and Spacedog- they do seem to be getting on ok and will definately be getting them neutered as there is A LOT of humping going on. But its good to know why they do it, I wasnt sure if it was going to cause a problem.
No chance of a third lol.

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