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Local cat has 'adopted' us

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Parmageddon Thu 08-Oct-09 18:40:13

We have been thinking of getting a cat, and strangely a local cat has started coming around and coming in the house when the patio door is open! We have been friendly to it and now it is getting ridiculous. It wants to stay all day, sleeping on the sofa etc. It is quite hard to get it to leave - if put outside, it sits there for ages before eventually giving up.

While I don't mind this at alI, I think this is obviously someone's cat. It has a collar but no details of owner. It doesn't look like a stray. I admit to giving it the odd treat, but don't think I should make this a habit. Does it matter if we let this cat in regularly and make a fuss of it?? It would stay here all the time I reckon if given the chance... It always seems hungry too. What should I do?!

FABIsInTraining Thu 08-Oct-09 18:41:59

Yes, it does matter.

You need to phone the vet so they can check for a microchip.

You could also put up a poster or three to say you have a cat visiting you.

EldonAve Thu 08-Oct-09 18:44:54

don't feed it

don't let it get in the house, shoo it away

if you want a cat get your own

edam Thu 08-Oct-09 18:47:06

What fab said. Cats will always tell you they are hungry - it probably had a three course banquet of gourmet food shortly before setting out for your house but thinks (correctly) you are a soft touch!

V. v. v. unfair to tempt a tart cat away from it's owner, though.

Parmageddon Thu 08-Oct-09 18:50:47

Thanks. I'm not a cat person, so have no idea. Not trying to tempt it away from its owner, it seems to be trying to leave its owner. We will adopt a tough approach from now on.

YouLukaAmazing Thu 08-Oct-09 18:53:30

Message withdrawn

FABIsInTraining Thu 08-Oct-09 18:57:49

Sorry, but cats don't try and leave their owners. They don't have owners. The cat owns the human grin.

FABIsInTraining Thu 08-Oct-09 18:58:35

grin YouLukaAmazing!

Parmageddon Thu 08-Oct-09 19:01:04


scroobiuspirate Thu 08-Oct-09 19:06:01

i was thinking of six dinner sid too.

fab, i put some pics up if you want to see.

JustBe Thu 08-Oct-09 19:20:55

My cat was upset when our dog died and decided to move into a neighbours along the road.

She did try and get rid of him as she was`nt really a pet type, but he persisted and he`s still with her.

As FABIsInTraining said they pick the ownersmile

FABIsInTraining Thu 08-Oct-09 19:25:35

What unusual colouring scroob. Bless her.

MedusaHead Thu 08-Oct-09 19:30:43

If you really are worried that its not being fed and is a stray then call the Cats Protection and they will come round and check it for a microchip and put a collar on it with details asking the owner to call them. If the cat really is a stray it will be starving.

scroobiuspirate Thu 08-Oct-09 19:32:33

i know, very weird!!. she was a proper tortie. first one i'd ever met. they are nearly almost always girls. and very feline feminine.

end of hijack.

Parmageddon Thu 08-Oct-09 19:47:16

I'm pretty sure it's not a stray. It does look quite thin, but healthy. I'm no expert as I said anyway! It just seems to like company, I have been off work for a while and it's only since then it has been showing up. But I will try to discourage it now.

scroobiuspirate Thu 08-Oct-09 19:51:57

i think i would ring the local vets, and tell them, they may well have had someone in reporting a mising cat.
it may be chipped.

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 08-Oct-09 19:59:38

i thought you said you was thinking of getting a cat, then in another post you said your not a cat lover hmm

Parmageddon Thu 08-Oct-09 20:05:20

I meant I've never had a cat,so don't know much about them but do like them a lot. My Mum never allowed any pets, then I lived in flats where we weren't allowed cats, then my ex-h didn't like cats. Now finally at age 42 I could actually have a cat if I wanted... just not this one!

LadyLaLa Thu 08-Oct-09 20:14:59

Noooo! Don't discourage it!! Please feed it until you have phoned the local vets as they can check for a microchip and also see if anyone has reported a lost cat.

Cats sometimes become disorientated and can be lost only a few streets from home. Please leave water and food out and maybe an old towel or blanket in the garden/on the patio, it could be someones much loved pet and you would be doing them such a favour if you could just look after it for a day or two and try to find out where it came from.

Also a "found" note in the local shop would be great, I know it's a bit of trouble to go to but having lost a cat before I was unconsolable until she came back. Not everyone is kind to cats, please don't let this one down. You will get it back in karma I am sure smile.

If nobody claims it and you like it then you could "adopt" it but there might be someone cying their heart out over that cat right not (people can get very attached) and it would be wonderful to help reunite them, or at least just help the cat for a while.

Cats do go into other people's houses and eat other cat's food occasionally, so it could be a local cat that's getting double meals everyday, but it would be brilliant if you could at least ring the local vets as a starting point.

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 08-Oct-09 20:19:40

oh sorry i knew i'd got it wrong

That's great im a cat lover and they are wonderful i've got two and my cat just had a kitten this evening, i'm sure you will find the right one and she/he will bring you so much joy

be sure to post some pics.

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 08-Oct-09 20:20:59

whoa to many smileys.

Parmageddon Thu 08-Oct-09 20:21:49

Ok I will contact vets. Thanks for your help.

Parmageddon Thu 08-Oct-09 20:23:58

That's ok sunshines Congrats on your new kitten.

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 08-Oct-09 20:30:32

she had misscarried kittens a few weeks ago and i thought that was it but this afternoon in the living room out one popped it had died but she's such a clever cat and brought him back to life.

and thankyou i'm soooooo happy grin

FABIsInTraining Thu 08-Oct-09 21:02:04

OMG that is amazing.

How can she have kittens so close together?

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