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We collect our cat on sunday, need advice on food and other stuff

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nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 20:16:02

Ok, we collect our cat on sunday afternoon. She is about 18mths old and a little dot.

I asked them today what food she has and they said anything and everything. I would rather stick to one in particular as I will probably buy in bulk.
My moms cat has a complete dry cat food (science hills). Is it ok for them just to have the dry food ????

Another thing is, the litter tray, how do I introduce her to it ??? She has been kept in a big wooden pen outside at the rescue place and I assume she had a tray but am not 100 % sure so she may not be litter trained.

Oh and finally, how long do we have to keep her in for ??

lilaclotus Thu 09-Jun-05 20:20:23

our cat has a sachet of wet food in the morning and then a bowl of dry in the afternoon. dry food makes the cat very thirsty, so make sure she has plenty of water available.
i would keep her inside for a week or two.

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 20:21:19

Ok thanks, so she has to have wet food too ?

Was kinda hoping I could give just dry.

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 20:30:06

Vets recommend dry food only, although some cats won't touch it. If she's been at a rescue centre they will have given her anything that's been donated, which would make it easier for you to feed her. As LC says, you need to make sure they have plenty of water available if you feed dry food.

If she's been at a rescue centre she will probably be used to a tray of some kind; all you can do is put one down for her and keep your fingers crossed! If you spot her sniffing around in corners, she's probably after a wee so just stick her on the tray. Again, if you can ask the rescue centre what she's used to it would help to settle her in. Some places use litter while others just use newspaper.

When we got our cat they recommended that she be kept in for a couple of weeks, but we took pity on her (couldn't stand the scratching and howling) after just over a week, and she was fine.

lilaclotus Thu 09-Jun-05 20:35:03

i don't think you have to give them wet food, dh likes to give it as the cat really loves it

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 20:37:58

Vets recommend dry food only, because it doesn't have the additives and sugars that wet food has. You can buy it in bulk easier too, which makes it cheaper. It's less messy (wet food can end up all over the floor if your cat's like ours) and less smelly as well.

But not all cats like it.

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 20:42:40

Ahh right ok. The woman I spoke to said it east both so i think i'll try just dry at first and see how we go.

Any food recomendations ??

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 20:42:54

Get some free samples of dried food:-




nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 20:43:39

Oh thats great, thanks wwb

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 20:44:03

Eukanuba, James Wellbeloved and Iams are good dried foods. You could try asking at a pet shop for some free samples - sometimes they have them (Wellworths in Boldmere used to have sample packs).

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 20:45:01

Yeah thats where my mom gets her food and litter delivered from, so i'll try there, thanks.

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 20:46:24

Will you be taking her to the Vets for a check-up when you get her? You could always ask them for recommendations.

singsong Thu 09-Jun-05 20:49:26

My cats love Iams dry food. Since I started them on it they refuse any other brand of dry food.

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 20:55:33

Erm not sure about vets yet. She was spayed and had her first set of jabs today. She has disposable stitches in but I assume she will have to go back for a check up. Don't know if we have to use the vets they used for the op or if we can use the one local to us.

Have just found a website that does Iams, science hills and a few other foods so at least I know I can get it.

Am quite scared now

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 20:58:11

You should be able to use any vet. I'd get her registered with one and have her checked over shortly after you get her, just to be on the safe side.

Don't be scared; it's lovely to have a cat in the house.

If you can get to Ashwood Vets, either at Four Oaks or in the centre of Sutton, they are wonderful, and I would recommend them to anyone.

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 21:15:34

I think we are going to use Newhall vets because it is only down the road and if I ever needed to take her on my own I could then.
My mom has used them and they are good.

Ooo just remembered too that they have an offer on micro-chipping at the mo, might get that done.

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 21:18:11

I take Nellie on the train to our vets; she hates it but it's easier than having to walk anywhere else!

Microchipping is a good idea as well; we had a collar on ours until she got it jammed around her teeth trying to take it off, and nearly broke her jaw. We decided that chipping her was easier.

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 21:28:04

Yeah I think we are definatly getting her chipped. We have got a collar but got a really cheap one cos they said that way if they ever git it caught it is very likely to break.

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 21:37:53

We collared ours at first until she got her jaw stuck, we thought that it would break if she got stuck anywhere but she got her jaw and her front paw stuck in it, and almost broke her jaw, so we decided that a collar wasn't a good idea. You can buy collars with special links in that break if they get stuck somewhere, but it frightened me so much seeing her flying around the house screaming in pain that I said I'd never put her in one again.

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 21:38:57

Hmmm never thought of that. If we get her microchipped then I might not bother with the colar after all.

They said we are fine to change her name too

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 21:40:30

What name do you have in mind?

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 21:42:18

Well it was going to be Dora (dd2's choice) but then dd1 moaned cos she wanted to call it daphne (scooby doo) and they argued so I made an executive desicion and it's gonna be called Tilly

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 21:46:02

Tilly's nice for a cat.

I'm glad you over-ruled Dora though

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 21:52:14


Pamina3 Fri 10-Jun-05 14:36:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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