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Ok this is gross! Anyone around who knows what could be causing very loose stools in a dog?

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Saltire Mon 05-Oct-09 14:57:07

He's never ahd proper solid ones, and has always had soft oens but Sunday he ahd diarohhea and today I came home form work to find he'd knocked down the stairgate to his little room, gone upstiars and had diahorrea all voer the boys bedrom carpet. I let him out and he did another, just liquid. He's eating and drinking fine, going out for walks fine.

He is always rooting around in grass, licking things. He gets leftover veg in his bowl, but I am going to stop that, we changed him from Wagg to Bakers, because he was getting soft stools but it doesn't seem to have helped. he gets wormed regularly.

Is it possibly jsut a bug, or should we take him tov ets? I am inclined to leave it another day and see what happens

magnolia74 Mon 05-Oct-09 15:05:01

Ours are on wagg and have very firm poo so don't think its that but I always starve for 24hrs when they have loose poo and then chicken and rice for 24hrs before returning to normal food. It usuall does the trick.
Definately stop the veg for now and try the above then if still bad a trip to the vets with a sample will be the best thing smile

TheFoosa Mon 05-Oct-09 15:05:23

parasite? visit to vets I think

I used to have to look at dog poo under the microscope, absolutely revolting job

<vomits at thread title>

Saltire Mon 05-Oct-09 15:58:01

Well he never ate anythig lastnight so will starve him tonight then try a bit of rice/pasta/chicken see how it goes, will try the vet too

claricebeansmum Mon 05-Oct-09 16:01:20

Starve for 24 hours.
Then plain boiled rice. See what happens.

Then try vet. Also may have to try different food - James WellB.

Our dog had this a month back and had tests at the vet. The day the results came back I realised that she had been eating all the windfalls in the garden - LOL. Vet LOL as I paid his bill hmm

newpup Mon 05-Oct-09 17:06:38

Definately plain bolied rice after 24 hour fast.

Has he been wormed recently? My pup gets loose stools after worming although not diahorrea.

Could he be eating something in the garden or out on a walk? My pup swiped something in the park that made her tummy upset - never saw what it was, she swiped it too fast!!

luckyblackcat Mon 05-Oct-09 17:13:02

My pup has recently had campylobacter, stool sample is the way to go. I only norm starve with D&V.

How quickly do you change food over? Min should be 25% new for 2 days, 50% new for 2 days, 75% new for 2 and then 100%.

TBH, if you can afford it, I would go for something diff foodwise. Someone mentioned James Wellbeloved, but I think they have been bought out by one of the big petfoods (Mars??) and may poss have had ingredients changed.

Burns is a good one, as is Symply (this stopped my dogs runs even before starting the antib's to cure the camp.) or barking heads - these are all fairly natural simple foods.

moosemama Mon 05-Oct-09 17:24:35

I would get him checked by the vet, also starve then plain boiled rice, then boiled rice with small amount of plain chicken or white fish, gradually reintroduce normal diet over a few days.

Claricebeansmum, had to laugh at your post, we took our dog to the vets 2 years in a row with an unidentified stomach problem, only to discover afterwards that she was gorging on greengages from the top of the garden. blush Needless to say our vet was also laughing all the way to the bank.

Luckyblackcat, interesting. I didn't know Wellbeloved had been bought out, but dh and I were only discussing at the weekend how it seems to suddenly not suit our elderly dog (she suffers from colitis and the slightest thing can set it off). She seems to settle down with it, but then be ill again every time we open a new bag. hmm

Saltire Mon 05-Oct-09 22:11:23

He does lick things when he's out and DH reckons the dog is licking other dogs wee!

PVish Mon 05-Oct-09 22:15:39

he will be mortified now you have psoted htis

moosemama Mon 05-Oct-09 22:58:06

Nah! Badge of honour in the dog world, poo eating, wee licking - they love it! grin

Remind me again, why do I like dogs? hmm

newpup Tue 06-Oct-09 08:09:31

Nothing as delicious to a lab than a nice fresh sheep poo!!!!

Well maybe a roll in some stinking fox poo!!

Saltire Tue 06-Oct-09 08:12:21

PVish - I know, I'll have to keep him away from for a while just in case he ends up on MN by accidentgrin

LittleMissNorticiaAdams Tue 06-Oct-09 08:14:17

We have a lab and he eats all sorts when he's out and fairly often has a tummy bug. We starve for 24 hours then rice as others have said. Don't bother with the vets unless it carries on for more than a couple of days.

It is pretty revolting.....but there again, I do nappies and DH does dog poo grin

We use this food and normally gives pretty solid, easy to pick up poos smile

whispywhisp Tue 06-Oct-09 13:29:27

Starve for atleast 24 hrs...even 36hrs is fine.

Then slowly give him cooked chicken/fish/rice in very small quantities - about 4 small meals per day for a couple of days.

Gradually re-introduce normal food.

If he's never had proper solid stools look at changing his food...Chappie is brilliant and especially good for dogs with sensitive stomachs - you can buy it in a tin or dried. Don't let him go around the garden eating anything - will increase his tummy problem otherwise.

MookySpinge Tue 06-Oct-09 13:33:25

Wagg and Bakers are terrible foods for this, Burns is widely recommended for reducing and firming poo - to be honest most 'supermarket' type brands are quite poor quality, even the pricier ones.

whispywhisp Tue 06-Oct-09 13:47:25

Weirdly enough my cat has been poorly over the last couple of days - recently changed her food to Felix - (she can be a fusspot) and its done nothing but upset her stomach so she's back on cooked chicken/fish etc...and that suits her fine. She's an indoor cat and is quite happy with plain old home cooking. I do wonder what additives/levels of salt are put in animal food....and I wouldn't touch 'own brand' stuff even if you paid me. I had a Labrador that had a sensitive stomach and any own brand food (in particular Tesco) went right thru her too.

WallyDoodle Wed 07-Oct-09 16:58:31

I think the wee-licking thing is post tummy upset, sort of a low on salt rehydration thing. Not likely to be the cause (urine is usually fairly sterile).
Our dog had a polyp (the first time I saw it sticking out his bottom I thought it was an enormous worm) and it was distressing him, he felt he needed to go all the time and forced himself to. Since he had it removed the number of poos and the solidity of them is so much better.If he doesn't seem ill in any other way it could be something like that.

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