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I'm really worried about my cat's sudden illness

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scroobiuspirate Sun 04-Oct-09 08:50:50

Don't know if anyone can help, or if anyone can put my mind at rest?

I took her to the vets yesterday morning, and theupshot of that is that she is now on antibiotics, and she also had a pain relieving jab/plus and antibiotic jab.

The vets doesn't know what's wrong tho. I told the vet that when i had picked her up she cried out, that she seemed to have pain when beinding to eat her food yesterday morning. On examination the vet found noproblems with her respiratory nor any obvious bites, or sites of pain. It's really odd.
I am taking her back tomorrow.

It started on thursday, she just seemed not right. She slept and slept. She did eat a bit. She's wide eyed, scared, slow and like she's totally spaced out.

Normally she's joyful, slinky and vocal, she is a lovely 1 yr old tortie.

I had to give her a tablet earlier, and now she is absolutely terrified, and won't come anywhere near me. I know it's sort of understandable, but i've givenher worming tablets inthe past and she's not acted like this.

it's almost like she has had some sort of trauma, and I am really upset for her.

ClaireDeLoon Sun 04-Oct-09 08:54:14

I don't really know - it does sound like she's had some sort of traumatic incident. I take it the vet checked her claws etc for signs of a bump by a car?

Haave you had any new cats in the area? One of my cats got badly spooked by an incomer a few weeks ago. It can upset even a seemingly confident cat.

Hope she is OK, it's worrying.

scroobiuspirate Sun 04-Oct-09 08:58:08

oh hi (relief), i am so upset by this is ridiculous.

Thanks. The vet did check her claws yes.

She (the cat) has such huge eyes tho, it's worrying.

She is a sensitive girl, very friendly tho, but also quite bolshy. Maybe her sensitive side is affronted!!

my dd said maybe she has had a run in with a cat or dog, like you say. Was your cat spooked for a while?

She is from a rescue place, and she chose us, such a great cat.

OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry Sun 04-Oct-09 08:58:23

o how sad hope she gets better soon.

I would think you are right and some thing has really spooked her.

tatt Sun 04-Oct-09 08:58:48

your vet could X-ray her. This is not cheap as she'd have to be anaesthetised but might show any internal problems.

Has the vet listened to her heart as a build up of fluid from a heart condition can cause problems like this, although I imagine many other things could too?

ClaireDeLoon Sun 04-Oct-09 09:03:26

My cat was all wide eyed too - and he kind of crept around very slowly and carefully checking the house out. I took him to the vets too and got theh all clear. It took weeks before he relaxed (and the incomer cat didn't hang around for long - was a neighbours girlfriend moving in and rather swiftly moving out again).

scroobiuspirate Sun 04-Oct-09 09:08:56

vet checked her heart, did alot of checking with the stethescope actually. Pixie (cat) showed no signs of pain when the vet was squeezing and prodding. yet when i went to pick her up last night she had definite pain under her front legs, breast bone area.

Vet thought she might also be constipated, so i am having to give her lactulose. Keep her in and inspect litter tray.

I love this cat so much, she has beena wonder to my dd. My dd is cat mad, and they have such a bond. It's hard to see a pet like this.

So to summise! Shock, trauma, possible muscle injury? = very upset cat.

scroobiuspirate Sun 04-Oct-09 09:11:42

tatt, hi, Pixie is only just turned one, could she have a heart prob?

tatt Sun 04-Oct-09 09:32:45

if the vet listened to her heart then they would probably have picked up any heart problem bad enough to be causing pain. It is possible to have heart problems from birth though.

We had a fox in the garden once and I think it may have attacked my neighbour's cat. There was fur everywhere and while the cat had no obvious sign of injury they wouldn't go out for days.

Do you wrap her when giving tablets? We found a blanket was good for keeping paws from scratching smile.

beautifulgirls Sun 04-Oct-09 09:40:16

Any chance of something toxic here? Wide eyes can be caused by a number of reasons including pain and fear yes, but some toxins (eg certain dog flea treatments licked by cats - off the dog, or used on the cat) can do this too.

Does she seem able to see? You can test this by dropping a small piece of tissue screwed up in a ball next to her so no sound to distract her head to. If not responding well to that could be related to blood pressure and eye problems.

What tablets has the vet given you? If they are the antibiotics then ask the vet if it seems reasonable to have "convenia" injection instead of the tablets - it is a long acting broad spectrum antibiotic that will last for 2 weeks and avoid the need for tablets - but of course only appropriate for certain situations and so your vet needs to be the judge of that not us.

scroobiuspirate Sun 04-Oct-09 10:54:26

yes she can see. the tablets are the antibiotics, they are called Nisomax. Have 14 of them to give over the next 7 days.

maybe i can ask the vet if there is an alternative when we go tommorow, as it's stressing her out.

I will try to crush this evenings one, and put on some tuna. i gave her a little taste of tuna earlier and she liked it.

scroobiuspirate Sun 04-Oct-09 22:05:43

am so worried, she's no better. tomorrow's appointment can't come quick enough.

she has eaten lots tho today, but is in pain.

scroobiuspirate Mon 05-Oct-09 07:46:57

so relieved to see her still with us today. no better but hanging in there. 9.45 can't come quick enough.

tatt Mon 05-Oct-09 07:58:05

hope the news is better later on. We had a cat book that said all cats loved cottage cheese and would eat pills hidden in that. It has never worked for me. I have sometimes been able to hide one in a prawn or sprinkle a crushed tablet over one. Do you have one of the tablet holders that make it easier to get pills to the back of the throat?

ClaireDeLoon Mon 05-Oct-09 08:19:29

Good luck with her appointment

scroobiuspirate Mon 05-Oct-09 09:12:27


I just went for it with the tablets. Covered one in marg/butter and just smoothed her throat. Was crying my eyes out last night, smoothing her. I put her on my dressing gown and covered her with one of dd's old baby blankets. How sad am i !!!

She was so weak she couldn't get 'on' the gown. oh dear.

this morning i found her upstairs under my bed. So she had energy to get up here, which i hope is a good sign.

scroobiuspirate Mon 05-Oct-09 10:53:59

Cat has been left at vets, trying to get a urine sample. After that if that's clear they will think what to do next.

Vet a bit stumped, but happy that temp is normal. thats a good sign methinks?

tatt Mon 05-Oct-09 22:26:07

sorry not a good sign as a temperature would mean infection and the hope that the antibiotics would knock it quickly. Hope thy find a cause they can treat.

scroobiuspirate Mon 05-Oct-09 22:50:15

well she's back. they have given her another antibiotic jab, one that will last 2 weeks. plus some syrup i am to put on her food, that is a painkiller.

They kept an eye on her ll day and were quite happy with her, apart form that she seems ina nervous pain( wtf is that). I have witnessed her growling and crying out since i have been home, when she is trying to move at all.

Is she having me on, or just being braver at the vets?

They wanted a pee sample at vets but she didn't go all day. They have said tho, that there is no evidence to say she has a urine infection.

I just walked past her, and she growled at me sad. maybe she has been kicked by someone or hurt. jeez

scroobiuspirate Mon 05-Oct-09 22:51:58

hi tatt, sorry just posted b4 i read your reply.

should they be doing the pee sample, shuold they be diong bloods and xrays. no mention of it today.

scroobiuspirate Tue 06-Oct-09 13:04:14

ok, she was worse this morning, couldn't stand well, all wobbly round the rear, and crying.

took her back, they are now doing bloods and neurological tests, mainly at my insitgation, but to be fair she wasn't acting like this for them yesterday.

still no temp.

she stood at the vets and purred tho.hmm

scroobiuspirate Tue 06-Oct-09 13:15:37

anyone, pet lovers or cat lovers? x

ClaireDeLoon Tue 06-Oct-09 13:16:15

I hope she's going to be OK scroobius.

Cats often purr if they're scared or in pain as well as when happy and the vet will know and understand this and won't assume because she's purring she is fine.

Hope you're OK, it's a worrying time.

englishpatient Tue 06-Oct-09 13:16:55

Oh, I really hope she will be okay.

TigerBitesAgain Tue 06-Oct-09 13:19:26

So sorry to hear this, sorry haven't anything constructive to add, just hope the vets can shed some light on it. Thinking of you, it's so beastly when they're ill and you feel helpless but you are doing the best by getting on to the vets.

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