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Some advice please from experienced puppy-owners about being left alone

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itchyandscratchy Sat 03-Oct-09 21:47:28

Been looking for a puppy for a little while now and have a very specific idea of what we want - a cross-breed/rescue pup like our last dog who died in May aged 16.

Have found an ideal pup (in theory) who we are off to see tomorrow. She's 8 weeks at the moment and ideally I would have wanted to get her at the beginning of half term when me and the dds will be off, but I realise that might not be ideal - I've read pups change so much in the 8-12 weeks period we might miss a big window for her training and socialisation with us.

So.... if we get her next week, does anyone have any experience of not being with a pup of that age all the time? I work very very near to home and will be able to pop back at least every two hours - is this enough for those early weeks? I really can't remember what I did with our last dog it's been that long...

I definitely want to get a crate for her which I think will help, but I'm worried that I'm being really irresponsible taking her home during term-time. Is it possible to do what I'm planning on? I don't want to miss out on having this particular puppy if she's the right one for us.

cordonbleugh Sun 04-Oct-09 11:29:26

If she's the right one, you'll soon find out! It's taken me months and lots of "almosts" to be finally getting my pup next week.

I don't think 2 hours is a huge amount of time, but do you know if the pups are used to being left already, while they've been at the breeder's?

A crate is definately a good idea, I've got mine all set up already!

Would it be possible for you to get some time off work? If not, I think it would be a good idea to bring her home perhaps on the friday night, so that you have the whole of the weekend to allow her to settle in?

Ultimately, that age between 8-12 weeks is very important, if she's not properly socialised during that time, there may be issues when shes grown.

minimu Sun 04-Oct-09 13:51:32

Don't want to be a downer but you will need more than one week to settle your puppy. They do sleep a lot but it is vital at this stage that they are socialised. Are you out all day? If so then it would be too long to leave a pup even if you did pop back. They have to be feed 4 times a day to start with and need regular trips outside every hour for toilet training. They should be taken for daily short rides in the car, carried to meet people in all situations in the 8-12 week period.
Daily training session of a few minutes several times a day for many weeks.

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