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Guinea pig lice

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pigsinmud Mon 28-Sep-09 13:28:51

Took one gp out to put in the run and his fur felt sticky - had a look and a patch is dandruffy. Looked more closely and could see what looked like headlice, except yellow colour, in his fur next to his skin.

Took out the other 2 - they share the upstairs half of the hutch - and they too have them.

I have 2 grown up gps and one baby - son of one of my big gps (friend borrowed for mating purposes!)The baby is the only one who goes with both as have to keep big gps apart due to fighting. I suppose one of big ones could have passed to baby who passed to other big one ....iyswim!

Did a google search and came up with lice rather than mites. Can I treat these without going to the vet? Also how do they get them? Had my gps a couple of years and they've been fine until now.

I can't stop scratching!!

Littlepumpkinpie Mon 28-Sep-09 15:54:52

You can buy online from gorgeous guinea's a lice and easy shampoo that works. A vet would do a skin scrape ect and treat for mites not nessary at all for lice. I have used this product on my own piggies and can recommend it.

pigsinmud Wed 30-Sep-09 08:19:27

Thanks - I've ordered some stuff from gorgeous guineas.

Do you know where they catch the lice from?

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