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Help! We urgently need a rabbit hutch!!!

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Jumente Sat 26-Sep-09 19:45:50

I took my children to have a look at rabbits today, after having spent the week putting up a fence and getting their 'area' ready for them (along with the chooks we will get at some stage, when some turn up!)

We got a chicken ark last week, but the chooks person let us down. Today I thought we were all set, our old hutch was ready to roll, got new bedding etc etc.

Came home with three BEAUTIFUL Dutch lady buns, parked them in guinea pig hutch while I went to put their hutch on top of its run, and found that the boys had broken the door off this morning while playing in it angry
I'd told them about 3 zillion times to stop, but no, they carried on and then didn't even tell me it was broken.

Panic stricken I mended it, temporarily, but they really need a new one - partly because it is quite small anyway for three.

They are littleish rabbits but I'd like them to have more room at night - they'll have the whole area once they've settled in, which is 30ft square but even so...

I am really struggling because most of the hutches you see are not very good quality - the Chinese ones I know are dire (we had one before) and the Pets at Home ones have AWFUL reviews. sad

I can't afford a Forsham! Just forked out for their chicken run! (actually we might change it, it hasn't been delivered yet!)

but what do I look for, is there a decent, heavy duty make that I should go for...any experienced bun keepers welcome smile

Thankyou so much.
They are out there in the mended hutch with masses of hay and a proper cover on it, hope they are alright. I just want to stare at them, they're beautiful.

Jumente Sat 26-Sep-09 19:49:26

...and if anyone in Kent has a solid hutch going spare, I would love to take it off your hands and have two terribly well behaved children I will happily exchange for it smile

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