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what to do about neightbours dog??

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myermay Thu 24-Sep-09 20:07:55

we had some new neighbours move in about 2 mths ago and their dog is a real "barker" or should i say they appear to do nothing to stop it!

It's driving us nuts, especially as they don't seem to be trying to put a stop to it. It's often first thing, about 7am and then sometimes throughout the day and then again in the evening, it's so load that with upstairs windows open we can't even hear our TV. Think they chuck it out to go to the toilet and then i just yaps at cat and anything. Would love to hear how people have dealt with this and how it was resolved.

I barley know them and really don't want to have bad feeling between us.

smee Thu 24-Sep-09 20:53:48

Are there neighbours the other side? Do they mind too? Sometimes it's worth having a joint moan. Or have you got a baby or toddler? If so that can give you a gentler route in. eg: 'sorry about this, but your dog barking's waking my baby/ stopping them sleeping, etc? - takes the curse off it being a groan up moan iyswim. Or do you work at home at all? If so say you can't hear phone calls/ it's disrupting meetings.

MadrasHouse Thu 24-Sep-09 22:29:58

water pistol?

valhala Fri 25-Sep-09 00:53:57

If the owners are largely out when the dog barks they may not know he is doing it and MAY (I hope) be mortified to be told that he is causing you distress.

As a dog owner myself I would be very troubled to learn of this and would make great efforts to stop it. Are your neighbours approachable? If so it might be a idea to drop the hint in conversation, such as "Goodness, what upset Rover yesterday? He was barking for ages?", etc. That may be enough to make the owners realise that they are causing you offence. Failing that you may have to speak bluntly and say that whilst you accept that Rover will bark at someone coming down the drive he seems to be a little unsettled and was barking all afternoon.

Hopefully, if you have decent neighbours and you sugar the pill by saying perhaps that a friends dog was similar but they resolved the problem by taking advice from their local rescue/leaving the radio on when they went out/getting someone to come in to keep the dog company/put him in another room or a crate for short absences etc, the neighbours will accept that you are expressing a genuine grievance but are not being aggressive in your approach and will do their utmost to sort the issue out.

If you are a dog lover and as daft as me you may even consider offering to dog sit once in a while. Just a suggestion and if its inappropriate I apologise but it might just solve the problem, make for a great neighbourly relationship and give you in turn someone to water your plants or feed your cat when you are away.

If all else fails you can complain to your council that this is a noise nuisance but I hope that your neighbours will be reasonable and receptive to your concerns and advice and that taking the matter further won't be necessary.

BitOfFun Fri 25-Sep-09 01:02:55

If it's just a few minutes a time, I would let it go, but if the morning one, for example, is bothering you, I would have no problem with you mentioning it and do my best to bring the dog in as quickly as possible. My terrier does this, and i don't leave her out for long, and would stand over her while she had a wee and bring her straight in if she was being yappy outdoors at unsociable hours, especially if aneighbour mentioned it was annoying them.

thesunshinesbrightly Fri 25-Sep-09 14:00:36

my neighbour complained about my dog barking all the time hmm i only let her out for a wee and to play ball with me, then casually one day dropped into convo how she was on monday she said "oh she was awful, i was trying to watch a film and all i heard was your dog barking" grin my dog was not there that day, she was infact the lier i thought she was and proved.

think you need to talk to her, then she can keep an eye on her dog.

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