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Could I have some advice on training my puppy?

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Romanarama Thu 24-Sep-09 09:43:45

Hello, I'm planning to get a goldie or lab shortly, and would like some advice.

We live in a 3-storey rental house with a cellar. The landlord requires that the dog be in the kitchen, the garden, or the cellar (quite nice with natural light etc, not a dungeon), when we are not at home.

The ground floor has a hall, the kitchen, and a formal living room and dining room. 1st floor has TV room and some bedrooms. DCs and playroom are on 2nd floor.

I would like the dog to share family life, but to keep her out of some rooms, like bedrooms and the formal sitting room. Will she be able to understand being allowed on all floors, but not in all rooms? It seems a bit complicated.

DCs want the dog to sleep in their room. I am pondering this, but think that a crate in the kitchen corner is the best option.

Katherine79 Thu 24-Sep-09 09:53:13

Message deleted

tibni Thu 24-Sep-09 11:37:36

We have a lab puppy (9 weeks tomorrow).

Stairs can be a big problem - not that they can not manage them but that they can damage the joints. Labs are renouned for joint problems.

At 8 weeks our dog weighed over 6kg and you don't want to be having to carry the dog up and down stairs.

I have friends who do let their labs up and down stairs but this is still a young dog (2) - im not sure if the dog will be able to manage this long term.

Our pup is not allowed upstairs and hasn't tried yet. I still have the stair gate so will put it up if stairs become an issue. He has a crate and loves it- its his space.

Romanarama Thu 24-Sep-09 13:59:12

That's a point Tibni. I think we'll stick to a downstairs dog. There's plenty of space between kitchen, hall, garden and cellar, so it should be OK.

Is there a good crate that you would recommend?

minimu Thu 24-Sep-09 14:57:31

I have 4 labs and they have neve ever gone upstairs. It does make life so much easier. When pups they will chew and empty the bin and it is just a nightmare knowing where they are all the time. Also if the kids have people round to play they can get away from the dog. Also labs love to eat lego and barbie's so they can be kept upstairs. I didn't use a stair gate just from day 1 never let them put foot on the stair but a gate is a good idea.

The ideal situation is that when you are out the dog is tired and will sleep. Ours have always had a walk a good meal and will sleep in their beds until we get home. We watched them on webcam it was sooooooo boring!!!!
So it will be easy to keep them to one room or area.

When using a crate be a bit careful with the dogs collars as some can get their collar caught on the cage and can hurt themselves very badly. SO remove collar when in the cage when little.

Feed the pup in his cage and he will grow to love it!

tibni Fri 25-Sep-09 13:13:35

We were advised to get a crate with a metal base. Also the largest you can fit - but big enough for an adult dog to have room to move around in. Alfie loves his crate, we only close the door at night or if we go out but he doesn't mind at all. We were told that the first night was vital and if he made a fuss not to keep going to him because you are then giving justification for his anxiety. He made a little fuss the first night at 5am but not a sqeak since.

Dogs also do not like their crates dirty - we put paper at the far end but he has kept it clean.

We only put Alfies collar on for lead training as that is what the breeder advised.

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