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LRB978 Mon 21-Sep-09 17:01:42

I am not a pet owner but...

Last weekend I got a new suite and put the old one in the garden awaiting collection. Over the last 24hours a cat seems to have taken up residence in the chair, and meows whenever we go near (walk past on the path), but does not move. Is she likely to have had/be having kittens? (She looks on the large size, as though she may be)

If so, what would be a good thing to put out food wise for her? (As I say, I do not own any animals, I know cat food is a good answer but what type, also what about milk?) Obviously I will avoid using out back door (main entrance sad) for the time being as it seems to be distressing her, but am I likely to be right about the cause?

LRB978 Mon 21-Sep-09 18:16:54

bump for any cat owners

notgettinganyyounger Mon 21-Sep-09 18:19:22

hi, well im not sure what she is doing there, but i would not advise feeding her.

Purely because she may have owners nearby who are looking for her and if you feed her, she will stay around you forever!
Also you should not give cats milk to drink, it is bad for them, although my old fella does get a few drips in a saucer every few weeks as a treat. smile

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