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silly question about cat's

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thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:01:20

I was wondering if anyone's cat eats pouches mine has 7 pouches or 1 1/2 tins plus dried food, she is been really greedy i think, but what are your views?

differentID Sat 19-Sep-09 19:06:31

7 pouches a day?
Flippin' hell!

that's way to much. Can she actually walk?

Hassled Sat 19-Sep-09 19:07:46

1 each a day here. And dried stuff is always topped up. 7 is seriously over-doing it.

choufleur Sat 19-Sep-09 19:07:47

Two cats. Two pouches a day plus a bowl of dry food each a day.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sat 19-Sep-09 19:08:23

I think 3-4 pouches a day is what they recommend if they are not getting dried food as well.
Ours get two pouches a day and some dried food.

captainmillenniumflint Sat 19-Sep-09 19:09:36

is she fat? ours is tiny but is sick a lot so he eats loads - about 4-5 pouches. before he started being sick he had 2 pouches plus biscuits.

bodeniites Sat 19-Sep-09 19:10:28

5 cats they get dry cat food all the time i just fill it up every time it gets empty no mess no hassle does make them very thirsty though

thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:11:37

really? omg i didnt realise shock

bodeniites Sat 19-Sep-09 19:12:19

captainmilleniumflint thts why we started on the dry food because on of our cas semmed to be sick a lot we use Purina one and shes hardly ever sick now

thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:12:19

yes she can walk, i rehomed her recently and she was very skinny.

ingles2 Sat 19-Sep-09 19:12:36

I was feeding 1 pouch and 1 bowl of dry food a day for quite a large cat and there was always dry food left in the bowl.
7 pouches is way too much. Is the cat fat?

differentID Sat 19-Sep-09 19:13:09

try weaning her on to dried if you can. I find the litter tray isn't as bad on dried food

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 19-Sep-09 19:14:02

That is way too much.

Even if you follow the guidelines - which say 4 - that is a lot but seven??

Why so much?

Mine has 2 a day with a few biscuits at bed time.

mumhadenough Sat 19-Sep-09 19:14:30

Mine has 2 pouches a day, used to be 3 but she's 12 now and seems to have slowed down a lot. She also has a bowl of whiskas complete (when I remember to buy it that is!).

thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:14:42

mine is never sick hmm

I thought it was alot.

She always seems hungry and because she was skinny when i had her, i suppose i have give into her.

captainmillenniumflint Sat 19-Sep-09 19:15:24

in that case she may be being sick outside where you can't see ours has a reaction to flea bites which makes him over-groom and all the hair makes him sick, we have to keep him topped up with those things you squirt on the back of their neck.

could possibly be a thyroid issue too.

bodeniites Sat 19-Sep-09 19:16:09

maybe she has worms? that can make them really hungry fleas can cause problems too sorry not trying to be rude my cats have had all these problems

ingles2 Sat 19-Sep-09 19:16:15

I always fed my cats just dried food but the last one had a terrible flea allergy.
My cat fanatic friend told me that giving a little wet food would really help and improve her skin and fur. I was sceptical but tried and it really worked!
might be worth keeping it on some wet if it was a bit of a scraggy rehome cat.

thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:16:39

she was on dried food before i rehomed her and she was very skinny(could see her bones)

thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:17:23

no she's a house cathmm

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sat 19-Sep-09 19:20:20

Is she still skinny? Could she have a thyroid problem? Might be worth having a vet check her over.

thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:20:39

she's been wormed 2 weeks ago, i'm finding this very strange.

well i say she's a house cat she is now, she got out before and stayed away for weeks.

But she is eating all this food and not getting sick.

muggglewump Sat 19-Sep-09 19:21:30

That's a lot of food, too much.

My cat eats 2/3 of a tin, given over two meals with the same amount of dried food mixed in. (so 1/3 mixed with dry twice a day, first thing and at teatime)
She won't eat plain dried, and plain wet doesn't seem to fill her.

She's an outdoor cat, as in she never comes in the house if that makes a difference.

thesunshinesbrightly Sat 19-Sep-09 19:22:51

Been to the vet and he says she is fine, no she's not skinny anymore.

pippel Sat 19-Sep-09 19:24:04

just dried food she has irritable bowel syndrome and its triggered by meat

cats dont you love them grin

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