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Been asked a million times before - dog or bitch puppy for a young family??

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amazonianwoman Wed 16-Sep-09 10:55:27

Title says it all. I've read so many articles about which is best, that I can't make a decision now...

We're considering a mini schnauzer. I always thought dogs are better, but now have no idea. We have DD 5.3 and DS 2.6, both pretty calm with animals, and 2 male neutered cats (one a nervous wimp, the other bold & independent)


minimu Wed 16-Sep-09 16:31:02

I honestly don't think there is a huge difference (apart from the obvious one of course!) I have had gentle boys and bouncy bithes and intellingent boys and intelligent bitches both equally loving but all them still roll in fox poo.

Obviously the cost of spaying is greater than neutering the boys but that is a minor thing in relation to the long term commitment to your dog. I think it is just a personal preference.

Interesting to see what others say.

GrimmaTheNome Wed 16-Sep-09 16:36:14

If you don't have particular feelings either way, just choose whichever pup seems to suit you best when you go to the breeder. FWIW our boy dog is incredibly soft, spreads his affection around and never gets his lipstick out let alone humps even though he's not been 'newted' (to use DDs term) grin

amazonianwoman Wed 16-Sep-09 16:43:36

"Gets his lipstick out" grin. Haven't heard that one before!

Got choice of 2 bitches at one breeders and 1 dog at another...

Can't think of a female dog name and too scared 2 ask DD cos might end up with Gabriella or Barbie hmm. Not that that should define our choice.

amazonianwoman Wed 16-Sep-09 22:13:53

Any other opinions?

theagedparent Wed 16-Sep-09 22:23:18

I prefer bitches mainly because you don't have to stop every five seconds for them to have a wee when you go out for a walk. Also in my experience I have found them more cuddly and gentle. Loads of brilliant names for bitches too although quite like Barbie!

wifeofdoom Wed 16-Sep-09 22:27:17

i have a mini schnauzer bitch - she's a darling. I've always had bitches so don't really know, but do find her less inclined to run off than friends dogs - she doesn't like to go out of sight. she's almost too chilled now though at only 5, only wants to play about 15 minutes a day (but does expect 2 or 3 walks though). Lovely dogs - and don't moult!

Pingpong Wed 16-Sep-09 22:28:03

I've always had girls and nothing would make me change my mind.

amazonianwoman Wed 16-Sep-09 23:21:50

Am warming to the idea of a bitch now. Have you all had yours spayed?

Still not inspired with names yet though...

valhala Thu 17-Sep-09 00:29:45

I have owned more dogs than bitches and I do prefer boys though I can't put my finger on why but I've fostered both sexes and am a volunteer in rescue where I come across both. I honestly feel that the difference is in the personality of the individual, not in the sex or breed. (Love and am jealous of the fact that Schnauzers don't moult though, unlike my GSD and Lab!).

Males CAN potentially be more bloody-minded (not just dogs either!), but if you are going for a pup he or she, provided he/she has no inherent issues, should not be a problem and will effectively become the dog you teach him/her to become, regardless of sex.

My own advice would be to abandon the idea of going to a breeder and go to a rescue instead as hundreds of unwanted dogs die in pounds for want of a loving home, but if you are going to opt for a puppy from a breeder, just sit and wait for the pup/s to come to you. You will have less chance of being swayed by looks with a breed as they should all be pretty much standard, so I'd choose the puppy which came to me and wanted to be my friend, whichever sex that might be.

Either way, if you have done your homework and know that a dog is for you and that you are prepared for all it entails, you will have a friend for life - have fun making your decision and a long and happy time with your new pal.

MarmadukeScarlet Thu 17-Sep-09 00:35:49

We went for a bitch as I wanted less 'mass' as we have gone for a larger breed iyswim.

Also the breed we have chosen the dogs can get very posessive/dominant of the female of the house and can be agressive towards the male due to this.

I have only ever had dog hounds before, so squatting as opposed to cocking a leg completely new to me.

Will not miss the lipsticks and humping though (dear god, getting humped by a randy afghan hound is a full body experience, none of this leg nonsense <shudder> )

gegs73 Thu 17-Sep-09 14:32:56

We have a boy Minature Schnauzer who is 6mo and I have 2 boys a similar age to yours. He is really good with the children and a lovely dog, but hes lots of fun too (read mad some of the time).

MIL has a female Mini a similar age and she does seem to be calmer, though I think that is probably due to the environment she is in rather than a gender thing.

I would see which puppy takes your fancy the most when you go and look and be open to gender if you don't have fixed ideas. If you are a young family I would go for a bolder puppy rather than one that hangs back. We went for a dog in the end as I didn't want to have a bitch spayed.

amazonianwoman Thu 17-Sep-09 23:01:49

wifeofdoom & gegs - are your schnauzers prone to escaping? How secure are your gardens?

gegs73 Sat 19-Sep-09 16:19:34

Hi - ours hasn't escaped yet! Our garden is pretty secure but I'm sure he could get out if he tried really hard. He goes on regular walks so maybe that stops him trying to escape.

Plonker Sat 19-Sep-09 16:49:05

Ours is a bitch.

We went to for a bitch for two reasons:

1 - breeder told us that bitches are often less dominant than dogs and therefore easier to train etc

2 - we were dead set on a Golden Retriever but didn't want a massive dog. Dogs can grow a lot taller than bitches

I wouldn't swap our girl for the world - she is so gentle, docile, biddable and beautiful [biased]

Her name is Jess smile

amazonianwoman Sun 20-Sep-09 08:04:10

Woo hoo we've got one!!! Or we will have in 4 weeks time grin

We went for a dog, purely because DH was adamant that he wanted a dog, and seeing as we'd talked him out of a huge Rhodesian ridgeback/Doberman/Weimaraner we let him have his way.

Too excited!!!

aGalChangedHerName Sun 20-Sep-09 08:16:48

Oh hope you enjoy your new pal. We have had our Bichon Molly since August 8th and it's been great!!

She is a super chilled and gentle little thing. Has a Bichon buzz 2x a day mind you lol.

amazonianwoman Sun 20-Sep-09 18:44:39

grin at Bichon buzz

Is it really as hard as having an extra child in the house?!

cbellesmum Sun 20-Sep-09 20:05:41

out Bt Pup is harded than my DD ever was then my Dd is a little angel.

she is toilet trained now but still nips my DD in the garden when she gets excited loves my Birman cat but not keen out our silver spotted tabby and our moggy avoids her at all costs.

saying that my DD loves her to bits and so does my DH.

the waking me up at night was the worst but i think we are past that now

amazonianwoman Mon 21-Sep-09 00:35:52

Right, first round of questions: grin

- gegs (or anyone else for that matter) what size crate did you buy for your puppy? I noticed on another message when I was searching for info that you said you use/used a crate?


MarmadukeScarlet Mon 21-Sep-09 00:51:49

There are 2 schools of thought with the crates, one make it all bed to discourage dog from toileting in there others do part bed part paper/pads - you have to decide what type you are.

Also consider how much time you think dog wil spend in there, if likely to be several (waking) hours per day then a slightly larger pen is kinder as this gives a play/eating space.

There is a make of crate that has a moveable divider, so you can have a cozy space when pup and make it larger as they grow.

I have a Mad Dog and the crate is great for stopping her eating my DC with excitement!

aGalChangedHerName Mon 21-Sep-09 11:42:56

I haven't found it really hard tbh. The crying through the night was awful. I felt really sorry for her sad

We used a crate for her too but had to give up,she absolutely hated it. She has a really tiny plastic bed with soft bedding and is really happy in it. Goes off to bed by herself if she wants peace.

I like having her so much that i may get another shock Not sure DH is so keen mind you!!

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