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My cat is being put down :(

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Pamina3 Fri 03-Jun-05 21:55:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SPARKLER1 Fri 03-Jun-05 21:57:13

Pamina. It's so hard losing a pet, let alone having the decision to have it put to sleep. Thoughts are with you. xxxx

swiperfox Fri 03-Jun-05 22:01:39


Its the most horrid thing isn't it.

Puff Fri 03-Jun-05 22:02:45

Sorry to hear this Pamina - we've had to have 2 cats put to sleep - expected both of them to live longer - it's very .

Libb Fri 03-Jun-05 22:03:49

I have been through a similar thing so I can only give you much love and positive vibes.

Just think, he is going to a fantastic large field where he will eat masses, have lots of games to play and sleep without fear.

I will be thinking of you and your family xxx

sunchowder Fri 03-Jun-05 22:04:58

I is like losing a member of the family. So sad for you

jamiesam Fri 03-Jun-05 22:10:32

So sad for you.

We got two shelter cats, knowing that one had very uncertain health record. After around 18mths, she developed cancer and we had to have her put down - first time I really saw my dh cry, the vets had a special side door so you didn't have to walk through waiting room in floods of tears.

I know it's a hard decision to put a cat down, but it's the right one if he's in pain. For us, we just reminded ourselves what Jess had had, that she wouldn't have had if we hadn't 'rescued' her. Exactly the same for you, wherever you got your cats from. Best wishes.

KatieMac Fri 03-Jun-05 22:11:22

Thinking of you ... horrid situation

expatinscotland Fri 03-Jun-05 22:17:54

I'm so sorry, Pamina. Many ((((HUGS)))) to you. And cuddles to your remaining cat.

suedonim Fri 03-Jun-05 22:29:01

kid Fri 03-Jun-05 22:44:42

Sorry to hear about your cat. Its really hard after having them for so long.
My aunt also had to have her cat put down today, he was 19 years old

bubbaloo Fri 03-Jun-05 23:08:19

how awful pamina-its a horrible decision to make.

misdee Fri 03-Jun-05 23:09:21

poor puss puss.

Pamina3 Sat 04-Jun-05 11:41:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batters Sat 04-Jun-05 12:27:24

oh pamina, I am so, so sorry, I do know how you feel.

You know that you have done the best and kindest thing possible for your cat.

You may in fact find that dd1 accepts the news much better than you and dh have. My little girl has lost 3 cats in her life, and actually came to terms with this much quicker than either dp or I. I think she was more upset at seeing dp and I crying (couldn't help it) in front of her when our first cat died. The Goodbye Mog book is a fantastic idea, it is a really lovely book.

Thinking of you - your family has really been through it recently.


PiccadillyCircus Sat 04-Jun-05 12:39:26

I'm really sorry for you and your family Pamina . Having to say good bye to a cat is not nice.

SpanishEyes Wed 08-Jun-05 23:27:17

oh Pamina, I'm so sorry

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