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I know it's only a fish but it's dying and I don't know what to do, so sad

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Thomcat Thu 02-Jun-05 22:55:54

I feel awful. It's the little white molly. It was sitting on the filter and gulping last night and now tonight it's doing the same although is now sitting on the bottom. D ssays that his top fin looks like it has pale black spots on it.

I know it's only a fish but I can't not do anything, it's cruel and sad and horrid and i feel bad

debs26 Thu 02-Jun-05 22:58:05

go to the pet shop! my mums fish are always getting ill but they often have some magical cure. know what you mean about feeling sad - i turned off the filter instead of the light on my mums fish once and killed several - felt awful

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 02-Jun-05 22:58:54

It sounds like black spot.

Does it have it on any other fins?

You can get a treatment for it but get it sooner raher than later. My fish had it loads and were ok.

If you have other fish, beware that they might eat it.

sunchowder Thu 02-Jun-05 22:58:56

I think that is called ICK Thomcat and they do have medicine. I understand that you feel bad, I would too....

Ulysees Thu 02-Jun-05 22:58:58

have you put anything in the tank? Is it a tropical fish?

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 23:00:34

my red robins died the other day. i have just did at 25% water change and treated the water as pH was high.

pixiefish Thu 02-Jun-05 23:00:39

i'd take some water to the petshop for them to test it for you. do you have a small independent fish shop-im they tend to be better. I'd do this just in case there's an infection and it spreads to the other fish

Libb Thu 02-Jun-05 23:01:54

get to the pet shop in the morning - does sound like black spot (mine had white spot!) and there is a treatment that you can put in their water.

It is horrible to see them suffer, no matter what species they are - the pet shop will let you know what is best. xxx

Thomcat Thu 02-Jun-05 23:05:44

okay thanks girls, wish it was the morning now.

We changed the water, not last weekend, weekend before and cleaned the gravel and added the stuff to the water, have a temp thing and a filter and put light on every night. 5 of our tetras died at weekend and now the molly is ill. Feel so bad man, what have we done to the porr helpless little things. How mad that bloody fish can upset me so much. Hmmm pregancay hormones not helping me thinks.

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 23:06:25

have you tested the water? 6 fish dying/dead in one week is not good.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 02-Jun-05 23:07:30

It's not nice Thomcat.

Don't be mad, it's harder than people think, keeping fish. It's not that simple.

I'm sure it will be ok, just get some treatment tomorrow.

Janh Thu 02-Jun-05 23:09:13

Fish are much harder to keep than eg gerbils or hamsters or rats, TC.

Sorry about yours

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 23:10:43

i've losy loads of fish the last 6months. no idea why. think they are just dodgee fish.

but mad a mistake, yellow barbs and tetras dont mix. 10 tetras eaten in 36 hours. oops. that was an expensive meal.

Libb Thu 02-Jun-05 23:11:12

Sounds like the water change upset them, it is a balancing act but I am sure the pet shop will advise you properly.

(My housemate and I almost came to blows over my fish tank at the time, she told me she would report me for cruelty to animals - however these things are usually fungal if I recall. I certainly wasn't cruel!)

Libb Thu 02-Jun-05 23:12:27

also your fish could be infected in the shop before you come along - try not to be hard on yourself xxx

Thomcat Thu 02-Jun-05 23:13:23

We've tried to be so good but...

Don't have aything to test water with here, will buy one tomorrow on my trip to shop.

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 23:14:05

can u take a sample of watre with u to the pet shop?

Libb Thu 02-Jun-05 23:14:29

I like kissing Geramis - they are really funny. We also had two Oscars and it was my weekly task to feed them raw liver - nice! (they are cousins of piranhas but have no teeth)

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 23:15:22

i have a giant cat fish. he is at least 5years old ithink, i have had him 2years, and my grandparents had him before that for a few years. ugly thing, but everyone loves him.

Thomcat Thu 02-Jun-05 23:15:37

I'll take it in one of my urine sample jars!!!!

Ewww - libb!!!

Thomcat Thu 02-Jun-05 23:15:39

I'll take it in one of my urine sample jars!!!!

Ewww - libb!!!

Libb Thu 02-Jun-05 23:16:34

my parents just gave their catfish away, I wanted it - he was lovely! (assuming he was a he)

Libb Thu 02-Jun-05 23:17:25

they were lovely fish though, called Oscar and Wilde (nice one Dad)

assumedname Thu 02-Jun-05 23:17:28

Kissing Gouramis.

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 23:17:53

i want some more bottom feeders (lol that sounds soooo wrong).

btw thomcat, have never been able to keep mollies for long, they always die on me.

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