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Pup has lost a tooth - a couple of questions!

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Buda Wed 09-Sep-09 16:19:00

I am assuming this is normal? I know they do get new teeth. She is 20 weeks.

DS wants to know does toothfairy come???

hatwoman Wed 09-Sep-09 16:21:21

sounds about the right timing to me. did you find it or did you just see the gap? we never found a single one of ours. which averted the tooth fairy question...

StayFrosty Wed 09-Sep-09 16:22:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Buda Wed 09-Sep-09 16:31:59

Found it on the floor. I binned it. She then went sniffing around where I had found it - probably heard DS mention the toothfairy!

minimu Wed 09-Sep-09 19:26:06

Perfectly normal you may find the pup may want to chew more at the moment so I would make sure chewing toys are at hand. Often they swallow the teeth or you never see them!

flowerybeanbag Wed 09-Sep-09 19:28:41

Yes normal, we only got one of ours, he swallowed the rest.

spugs Fri 11-Sep-09 08:01:05

Ive only spotted one gap in my dogs mouth but he now seems to have all his teeth and Ive not seen one.

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