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Ok, I know I like presents but.....

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Had kittens neutered and they've been going outside for about 2weeks but 1 of them insists on bringing me some wierd gifts. So far we've had crisp packets, leaves, feathers, dead flowers, huge leaves off pampas grass, rosehips - oh and a [thankfully] empty condom packet hmm.

If I throw them back out, she brings them back in - then goes in the huff when I eventually put them in the bin.


Mammy cat never did this, infact she's a totally miserable, unsociable sod.

Anyone elses pprecious kitties do this

Rumpel Tue 08-Sep-09 19:22:59

We had a wee cat (we aquired from someone else) who used to bring us dead 'crusts' was very funny. She was so proud of herself LOL!

Unfortunately my others bring me mice/birds etc.

When my female catwas a kitten she used to bring us worms - we used to find dehydrated worms all around the house hmm.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 08-Sep-09 19:26:05

"Why" - it's her 'paying' you as pack leader.

It's so bloody cute. One of my cats refused to share her alive mouse today as I chased her round the garden trying to save the poor wee fecker hmm

uuurrgh - am sure have that to come.

Mammy cat a few weeks ago was sat outside on windowsill - strange animals, they use the window instead of the door hmm - with a dead baby bird. One of my mindees asked 'can it still fly' - eerrrm , no. Conversation about heaven followed smile

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