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squirrel42 Sun 06-Sep-09 19:05:21

Hey all, I was just wondering whether there are many other gerbil keepers out there in mumsnet land? I often feel like our poor gerbies get overlooked in the small pets department in favour of hamsters, so I wanted to help share a bit of gerbil-love! grin

I just have two girls; Fruit Loop (black) and Shreddie (agouti/white spot). They're both one year olds I adopted from a local breeder earlier this year since she didn't want to have any more litters from them. Although they're not related they get on pretty well, and I'm working on getting them to trust me more with sunflower seed bribery.

My fave gerbil thing is probably when the girls have a new toilet roll tube or cereal bar box and go absolutely nuts chewing it to pieces in minutes! But I also love watching them dig and tunnel through their woodshavings and cardboard, making new routes and dens each day. Plus they look completely adorable when they yawn. Okay so that's lots of fave things - what do you all think?

Flickr gerbil pics if anyone is interested - it includes "gerbilopolis" the girl's fish tank n cage combo des rez! grin

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