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Any rabbit experts out there? - I think my rabbit is bored - any advice?

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Tryharder Sat 05-Sep-09 16:47:01

I have a white rabbit which is a few years old - don't know much about her as she was given to me by a friend of a friend who no longer wanted her.

Until late last year she had free rein of the back garden which is enclosed, going into her hutch at night only.

However, she started to literally to dig through the flower beds and escape under the neighbours fence and I lost count of the times I had to go round and catch her - and because she was so fit from all the running around, it was a hellish task. Plus she ate all my plants and flowers...So, I bought her a large hutch with a 6 ft run attached which she now lives in permanently.

I have put a drainpipe in there so she has something to walk through and sit in, also a soft football which she knocks round from time to time.

BUT, I feel really guilty as if she's bored -she just sits there a lot looking depressed (IMO). For this reason, I considered getting her a companion. I asked at my local animal sanctuary and they said they would not rehome Guinea Pigs to go with rabbits as they don't get on apparently contrary to popular belief. But if I get another rabbit to go with her, surely they will fight?

I do pick her up from time to time and chat to her whenever I'm in the garden (every day) but she's not a house rabbit.

Anu suggestions?

JHKE Sat 05-Sep-09 17:01:10

You can try cereal boxes, loo rolls in with her they like playing with that and throwing it around. They also like things to chew on.

On getting another rabbit.. Yes they can fight but I've read on another website that if you go to a rehoming centre that some will bond the rabbits for you, if you are not keen on doing this. A male would be the easiest. Is she neutered?

Corporalcornsilk Sat 05-Sep-09 17:04:05

Agree with JHKE. A rabbit sanctuary will help you to find a rabbit that she gets on with so they won't fight. I would get her a companion. Our rabbit is a singleton but he has no hutch so can go where he likes in the house/garden. I couldn't cope with 2 chewing up the carpets!

Fennel Sat 05-Sep-09 22:01:38

Our rabbit was just like this. He was happy as long as he had lots of company, guinea pig and human (he lived with two guinea pigs, very happily all round). He liked being free in the garden or the house, he used to love being free in our living room and had huge tantrums about going back in his hutch. He had a great personality, as long as we all did what he wanted (drama queen). I hadn't realised before getting him just how high maintenance he'd be.

he moped and stropped when things weren't going his way and we put a lot of effort into servicing his needs.

Our solution was, I feel a bit bad admitting, to send him to foster care - he moved to live with a soft-hearted friend, also a mumsnetter, and he behaves in similar ways there, keeps the household in thrall to his whims, but they love him and he's happy. their garden was better than ours for letting him be free, ours is very open on all sides.

he is a lovely rabbit, we still go to visit him. But high maintenance.

He liked the guinea pigs, now he lives with other guinea pigs, they all get on. maybe that varies with different rabbits and guinea pigs. But he didn't like it when they were removed.

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