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are puppy training classes as MUST??

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myermay Wed 02-Sep-09 18:12:33

we've just rehomed a puppy,she's 14 wks and knows sit, stay, down, paw. If we continue to socialise her and reinforce these commands adn do a bit of training each time we go out and around the house each day are classes necessary? or is most of it common sense, i've seen my parents train their own dogs and it's just like kids ; be firm, consistant and lots of love, or are they a must

beautifulgirls Wed 02-Sep-09 19:00:06

In all honesty puppy classes are a lot about training the owners how to handle their dogs - only a part is teaching the dogs really. If your dog is well behaved and well socialised and you are experienced with dogs then you may not learn a huge amount by attending a class. The nice side is you get to meet other dog owners and the dogs do get lots and lots of socialisation there so even just a short course could still be fun for you and the pup.

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