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Bloody annoyed with vet.....AIBU???

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twinkletoescare Sat 29-Aug-09 09:41:29

Quick run down of the whole story.....
My 9mth old cat cut himself last week (friday)on his leg, right on the knee joint,a bad cut barely missing a tendon,cut was about 3-4 inches in length.
anyhoo i took him to vets immediatly where he was sedated and stictched up given pain killers and antib's.
I took him yesterday for check up and the nurse removed his stitches,she did give the wound a good looking at first...i was sent away happy and not given any special measures to take with puss so thought thats that then!
anyway, within a few hours the wound had reopened looking dreadfull and much much bigger and worse than when i first took him in,the poor thing was distressed and wouldnt let me near him sad this was around 11pm lastnight..
i tried contacting my vets emergency answer! but did have an automated message stating the nearest emergency animal hospital,who i rang and the vet offered advice and the option to take puss there lastnight or get to my vets at 8.30 this morning. i choose my own vets as the hospital was an hours drive and i had had a couple of glasses of wine..
So i take puss to my vets this morning at 8.30 and have a little moan about why were the stitches taken out if they wernt ready to be and hence caused puss and myself distress and a sleepless night,the nurse seemed very offish with me as id had a moan but FFS im bloody angry!
Do i have reason to be or shuld this have been expected?

beautifulgirls Sat 29-Aug-09 10:17:07

Well - The nurse wouldn't have taken the stitches out if she had expected problems so I can understand her being upset at being moaned at for doing her job as she thought correct - and likely she was following the vets instructions for the time to remove sutures as well as making a decision having looked at the wound carefully as you say.
I can also totally understand you are upset about the fact it has opened up too though and both you and the cat have been distressed with this. You have obviously done all that was advised as an owner and you don't expect for problems. Sadly it can be the nature of health in people and pets that things don't go according to plan and complications occur. Hopefully the wound is now sorted again for your cat and this time they will probably be extra cautious and leave stitches in place for much longer to ensure that no repeat happens. Some cats heal faster than others, some are very active, some lick a lot etc - many reasons for these situations. 7 days is not usually unreasonable for stitches to be taken out though.
In terms of the out of hours service, it is totally standard for surgeries to share that responsibility so that is nothing out of the ordinary that you report. You had a choice presented to you that you made a decision about.
Hope that helps and your cat is on the mend soon.

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 29-Aug-09 10:29:07

How long were thee stitches in the cat for? A day? Surely they should not have been taken out for a good 4 days, seeing as the cut was on a joint which is constantly moving?

Something similar happened with our dog. She cut herself on a broken bottle while we were out walking on the 'wrist' joint. Vet stitched it up and dressed it etc and it never healed properly. Stitches were taken out within days so it just re opened. They then just dressed it and every couple of days we had to go back in so they could remove it, ripping the scab off along with it - back to square one every time. hmm

They neded up getting over £500 out of us in the end though from the cost of all the consultations and re-dressing it. I think in the end I ended up sticking baby cord powder on it - it healed in hours. Wish I'd done it initially!

twinkletoescare Sat 29-Aug-09 11:15:44

Ladyoftheflowers- no not just a day,it ahppened the previous Friday. smile
your poor dog sad hope he has healed ok now.

Beautifulgirls, many thanks for your prospective.
As for the nurse being upset? i said she was offish with me.
Unfortunatly if you work with the public you have to expect disgruntled clients and deal with it in a proffesional manner.
As a childcarer if i had sent a child home with an injury which later had developed into something more serious and distressed the child i would be far from offish but rather mortiied and very apoligetic.

I have no idea how puss is or if he has been stitched back up or if an infection has taken hold as i havent heard from vets as yet.

beautifulgirls Sat 29-Aug-09 14:23:59

Offish/upset - hard to interpret from a message board - I guess that was probably a personality thing and I agree not very professional.
Let us know how your cat is when you hear more.

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