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One of my chickens laid an egg!!!

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KatieMac Mon 30-May-05 21:55:15

I'm so excited and I had to leave it in the nest until DD could go and collect it "go and check dear, they might have laid one"

She was just as excited as me - she wants it for breakfast

Evesmama Mon 30-May-05 21:57:39

would she be okay eating it?after seeing the chickens and knowing what it is?

just reminded me of when we lived in our first house and i made dp come home from night shift as i was boiling some eggs and i swore i could here one chirping!!!
turned out to be 'whistling' as had a teeny tiny hole and the air/boiling water was making it do so

LGJ Mon 30-May-05 21:58:35

KatieMac Mon 30-May-05 22:00:48

Yuk - that could almost put me off, she knows that egg become chicks and that the roast chicken (we had on Sunday) is the same as Louise and Silkie - without the feathers
She def wants to eat it

Evesmama Mon 30-May-05 22:18:05

well..good for her

happy egg hunting

bossykate Mon 30-May-05 22:27:20


KatieMac Mon 30-May-05 22:28:40

I feel like a doting Grandma.......good job I don't have a rooster!!

KatieMac Tue 31-May-05 20:15:54

No more I doing something wrong?

scottishmumto1 Wed 01-Jun-05 14:10:16

it takes chickens a while to get into a routine of laying every day. i have 9 hens and sometimes they have days off from laying, so dont worry about it.
and as for thinking there might be a chick in the egg, there is no way if you are collecting the eggs every day. not even if you leave the eggs a few days. i have a cockerel and still witing for chicks, but none yet

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