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Cattery vs Next door neighbour? Which is best for cats?

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BeckyBendyLegs Thu 27-Aug-09 09:40:37

Hi fellow cat owners

DH and I are in disagreement as to what to do with your cats when we go away next week for 6 days. He wants me to find a cattery (last minute so might not find space anyway) and I think our two cats will be better off in their own home with our neighbour (who has offered in the past) to come over and feed them and check on them. What do people think? We have one older cat who was a rescue cat and has been to cattery many times and one 1-year old cat who has never been. I think the older cat would be ok as she's lived in lots of places (not unhappily) but not so sure about the younger one. I just think they'd rather sleep in their familiar places, have their garden, and be at home than be in a cattery. He says 'at least we'll know they are safe in a cattery'. I'm not sure what danger he thinks they will be in at home. Any advice much appreciated.

SoupDragon Thu 27-Aug-09 10:32:58

I'd get the neighbour to feed them.

I have done both and for a short time like 6 days, I'd use the neighbour. I did put mine in a cattery for 2 weeks and they were fine but it was expensive and they started using the litter tray again when they had been going outside.

Lobyd Thu 27-Aug-09 10:33:57

Hi Becky,

I'm not at all an expert but I have 2 cats a bit like you - one is an old hand and comfortable with new places and one is a bit of a delicate flower.

I put her in a cattery for 3 days when she was still fairly young - about 6 months. She came back hoarse through, I'm assuming, miaowing constantly, and has never really liked new situations since ( is currently hiding in my bed as we have our floor sanded!)

So personally I think they prefer to stay at home, which is what we've always done since then. Plus presumably it's cheaper? And your neighbour can water your plants...I was told by our vet if you're worried about them being lonely you can put the radio on a talk station so they have a bit of 'company'.

Hope you have a great break and don't worry about the cats too much!

BornToFolk Thu 27-Aug-09 10:37:07

I agree, leave them at home and ask the neighbour to pop in. Do your cats need a lot of attention? Ours loved people so we had to ask whoever was coming in to give him a big fuss rather than just dumping food down and going.

Catteries are expensive and although there are some good ones out there, there are also some bad ones. Also, cats tend to be confined and that can't be much fun for cats that are used to being out all the time.

BeckyBendyLegs Thu 27-Aug-09 11:17:31

Hi everyone, thanks for your advice. I agree totally but I'll have to talk to DH. Thing is, he thinks with his head and not his heart and my gut is telling me they would prefer to be at home and they are prefectly safe with our neightbour popping in to check on them and feed them. His head is saying 'they will be safer (ie in a kennel) rather than running around the house and garden, and cared for in a cattery'.

CMOTdibbler Thu 27-Aug-09 11:21:56

Mine would hate it in a cattery, and none of them have ever been. They are perfectly happy being in their own house with someone coming in to feed them, and seem to go and chat to other people in the street if they want more company

sayanything Thu 27-Aug-09 11:26:17

We travel a lot, but we never use catteries, we always get someone to pop in. My cats are real homebodies and would be very upset to be moved - it was traumatic enough for them when we moved house.

We're actually leaving for two weeks in a few days and I'll have a neighbour pop in, but usually our cleaner does (for pay). The cats always sulk a bit when we come back, but they're generally fine.

123andaway Thu 27-Aug-09 17:30:01

Tell him about all the new nasty moggy diseases they will be exposed to in a cattery! How they will probably come home with cat flu, fleas and a few other nasty things (Im sure this is not the case at all if you put them in a good cattery wink), and how this will be much more risky for them than being left at home, and all the vets fees you will need to pay!

Cats are very territorial and hate being moved around. Sometimes needs must, but if you have the option of leaving them at home Im sure they will be MUCH happier there. How does he think they will be more risk without you there?? Surely you don't follow them around all day making sure they are not climbing anything too high???

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