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Introducing dogs to new baby

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picklesrule Tue 25-Aug-09 10:00:26

I'm new here so I hope I have posted this in the right place..
I'm 33 wks pregnant and have 2 terriers who are lovely but quite naughty - only 18months old so still young and hyper.
I had read that introducing a crying baby doll into the house before the baby comes might help them get used to the idea of the baby..has anyone tried this and did it work at all??
Any other suggestions on how best to introduce baby would be gratefully received!

pasturesnew Tue 25-Aug-09 10:06:16

You might find this thread helpful Dogs and Babies

abra1d Tue 25-Aug-09 10:08:19

My two terriers were nine months when I had our first baby. All the usual things, rewarding when they show a friendly interest, are calm, etc. helped. We used to go for some good long walks with the pram/sling, so I think they realised that the baby was good news and associated him with fun.

WHen he was in his pram asleep in the garden they'd lie on the pram wheels and 'guard' him. When he played under his baby gym they'd lie next to him and push the bells with their noses.

People caution about terriers and babies, rightly, but I was perfectly confident with my two and left them alone in the room with him for very brief spells (to answer the door, etc). The only time one of them snapped at him was when he was a toddler and pulled her ears. Even then, there was no skin contact, just letting hime know that he'd gone too far. Quite right, too.
They were both girls. I think the fact your two are young will be a help.

Do get some babies and small children round if you can and use the opportunity to make sure they get treats/rewards for being friendly.

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