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AIBU about my cat(well lodger)

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mj4ever Tue 25-Aug-09 00:55:49

I have a cat and last time she went out for a week and the next time she went out all day and this time she has been out for two days, she is no where to be seen she has dissapeared i have seen her going into the garden of a lady down the way.

i think she is been fed somewhere else

i have had two cats in the past and all they did was go out in the garden but come back after a hour but i always could see them.

any advice for me please?
AIBU for not wanting to pay her vets bills and flea treatment food etc...

just wanted some advice really seems a bit harsh but she is never here.

kitkatqueen Tue 25-Aug-09 01:06:30


She's a cat and some cats do this.

tbh tho it sounds as tho she's being lured away by food elsewhere.

Put a note on her collar saying please stop feeding my cat and see if she becomes a bit more loyal.

good luck.

mj4ever Tue 25-Aug-09 01:19:02


i thought so it's frezzing out and being pouring down, but yet never comes back dirty??

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