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Is leaving the cat at home alone for 3 days okay? (neighbour popping in daily)

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SemperEadem Mon 24-Aug-09 20:34:48

My MIL is getting married at the weekend and we are travelling up north on Thursday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon.

I have only left the cat once before and we put her in a cattery for 5 days. She seemed okay with this but there are no places for her this time. DH thinks she will be fine at home, a ton of dry food down and a clean litter tray. One of our enighbours is coming round daily to check her fresh water is topped up, scoop any nasties out of the tray and put a fresh puch down. I don't want to ask them to do it more than once a day as they have just had a baby on Friday.

We don't have a cat flap so she will have to remain indoors when she is normally such an outdoors cat. I am going to leave the radio on as background noise and we have timers on the lights etc. Do you think this will be okay?

CMOTdibbler Mon 24-Aug-09 20:36:08

It'll be fine. Ours have always routinely been left for the weekend with a clockwork feeder and a big bowl of crunchies

SemperEadem Mon 24-Aug-09 20:37:39

Do you have more than one cat? Its the loneliness/stir craziness I worry about most. I don't want the neighbour to let her out as she sometimes stays out all night and mews at the back door to be in at 3 in the morning and I'm worried that as he won't be here to let her in she may go wandering too far iyswim.

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 24-Aug-09 20:38:50

It will be fine. A lot easier to do this with cats then any other animal.

CMOTdibbler Mon 24-Aug-09 21:00:48

I currently have 3 with a catflap (neighbour has to dispose of carcasses of wildlife when feeding them), but when I only had one and no catflap, he was fine. I think they just sleep when left to their own devices

SemperEadem Mon 24-Aug-09 21:19:07

Thanks all - feel so much better about it now. Though pity your poor neighbour Cmot!

yogabird Mon 24-Aug-09 21:24:27

will be fine but perhaps you might consider getting a catflap?

spugs Tue 25-Aug-09 07:47:41

I think mine is glad when we go away, he gets some peace and quiet and the best spot on the sofa.

SemperEadem Tue 25-Aug-09 09:09:44

I would yoga but we can't unfortunately.

heavenstobetsy Tue 25-Aug-09 09:13:00

I think the cat will be fine - its not like it would be free to roam outside in a cattery so actually it has more room to move around indoors than it woudl in a pen at the cattery

CaptainUnderpants Tue 25-Aug-09 13:53:26

Used to leave our two for about 3 /4 weeks !

We have a very good neighbour I must add !

They have never been in a cattery in their lives , never use a litter tray and roam in and out through cat flap as they wish.

They had each other for company , now that one past away (18 yrs old) I wouldn't consider leaving the other one for such a long time again. But a week or weekend is fine .

PitysSake Tue 25-Aug-09 13:54:12

ditto ours 2 weeks although one was at the pub when we returned

PrincessToadstool Tue 25-Aug-09 13:56:48

Why can't you put in a cat flap?

I think 3 days is pushing it tbh with an outdoorsy cat. I think mine would destroy the house in that time anyway. What about getting somenoe to let the cat out in the morning and get it in at night?

pollyperkins Tue 25-Aug-09 13:59:58

laughing at the cat at the pub!

We leave our two with cat sitters who come in once a day and we've gone away for 3 weeks with that arrangement. The cats can't get out during that time but seem fine and dandy with that. IME it's better that they're at home and not at a cattery where they always seemed to have a miserable time and come back with some nasty bug/eye infection that meant a trip to the vets.

Also, I wouldn't worry about cats getting lonely really - they're v self-sufficient. We got our second cat (now 5) to keep our first cat (now 9) company - needless to say they can only just about stand the sight of each other and I think my older cat would far rather we hadn't bothered!

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 25-Aug-09 14:00:14

Have left ours for a weekend with loads of crunchies and water. Do have a cat flap though.

OP - am sure yours will be fine. I would not botehr ever with a cattery, tbh, I think cats would far prefer to stay in their own home.

PitysSake Tue 25-Aug-09 14:02:05

polly that int the half of it
two secondary schools, three primary schools and two villages for mini breaks, a cnacer scare, escpe form a milk float, kidnapped by a german woman, lowered the electric windown on dhs car, hten jumped out of it wheil it was moving and was run over and incarecerated in a cage for 6 weeks

he is 1

colditz Tue 25-Aug-09 14:02:25

I regularly leave mine for a week or so, with someone coming in to let her in in the morning and out again at night, and give the food.

cats HATE catteries, they are naturally solitary animals and find the presense of so many other cats really stressful.

PitysSake Tue 25-Aug-09 14:03:23

god ti slooks WORSE when i write it down

PrincessToadstool Tue 25-Aug-09 14:05:06

PitysSake he should have his own facebook page

PitysSake Tue 25-Aug-09 14:05:34

we are thinking of a webpage

Choosparp Tue 25-Aug-09 14:15:49

She'll be fine. Ours enjoy the peace and quiet of a few days without DS running around!

One of our two is on Facebook. He has 43 friends

(The other isn't so tech-savvy)

Habbibu Tue 25-Aug-09 14:20:33

We used to leave our cats out rather than in, with neighbours feeding and checking - at my mums there's a car port, so cats had big polystyrene (lidded, with a hole, like an igloo) box with blankets, up on bricks, and neighbours just left food there for them. They were cosy and free to roam.

SemperEadem Tue 25-Aug-09 15:44:06

We live in an army house and we can't add catflaps princess toadstool.

Thata the thing I worry about - keeping her in but don't want her to be out all day as the neighbour can only come once a day to check on her and if she is not there then she will be left out too long.

Habbibu Tue 25-Aug-09 15:45:48

Can you not make her a cosy home in a shed or something? Ours have never minded being left out for a few days, so long as they have a warm safe place to sleep.

SemperEadem Tue 25-Aug-09 15:58:10

no shed habbibu. We have a garage but its one of those with the doors that you have to lift up and full to the brim of old crap so we wouldn't be able to leave it open iykwim.

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