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Question about dog being in season

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pigsinmud Sun 23-Aug-09 15:35:46

Typical! I've just booked our 8 month old pup into training classes starting in 2 weeks and today I've noticed a few drips of blood from her on the kitchen floor and on her bedding, so am assuming she's going into season.

It lasts about 3 weeks doesn't it? The first class is September 9th - surely it won't be fair on any males there to take her will it? I've emailed the trainer to see what she thinks.

Also, what do I do with her? Can she go out at all? At the moment she is only on two on lead 10 minute walks a day as she is recovering from hurting her leg.

This is my first dog so loads of advice appreciated.

Alambil Sun 23-Aug-09 18:10:08

should be alright because the 9th is 3.5 weeks away and a season is 3 weeks long

as for walks, just keep to street walking and no parks due to the potential for male dogs being around...


pigsinmud Sun 23-Aug-09 20:23:56

I think the 9th is 2.5 weeks away - would that still be ok?

Normal walks are tearing over the fields, so we'll have to give those a miss for a few weeks.

As for spaying how long after a season do we need to wait?

gemmummy Sun 23-Aug-09 20:27:36

3 months, i was in the same boat, had her booked in for july and she came into season so vet said 3 month wait.

SatHereSitting Sun 23-Aug-09 20:29:45

What breed of dog is she? My labrador has recently had a season and it lasted 10 days with only about 5 of those appearing to be actively fertile if you know what I mean. My mum used to breed Jack Russells and both her bitches were in season for less than a week,but her Boxer was over a month so it really can vary.

I'd just see what she's like nearer the time, once my labrador stoped bleeding her swelling went down within a day though she was left with very erect nipples which arestill like it grin

pigsinmud Sun 23-Aug-09 21:01:25

She's a mix - mum is springer and dad is lab/collie/staffie. She's about same size as her mum now.

ABetaDad Sun 23-Aug-09 21:12:40

My Mum and Dad show dogs. Generally the way the dealt with this was to just not take dogs to trainng classes during their season.

If it was a large show they had entered months before they just took the dog inot the show ring briefly to show the dog and then took her out and put her in a crate away from the other dogs so as to disturb the male dogs as little as possible.

It is not really fair on other owners with young male dogs they are trying to train to take her to a training class in season.

pigsinmud Tue 25-Aug-09 09:41:10

I think we might have to go to the first class without her and just watch the exercises.

One more question. We met her sister whilst out on an on lead walk last night and she really growled and snarled at her! She's never done this before - they play well together. Could that be becasue she is in season? I was rather taken aback at the noises she was making!

Pikelit Tue 25-Aug-09 14:26:56

Probably more to due with them being on leads. But sibling bitches are renowned for not getting on with each other as they grow older.

I don't think any trainer would welcome an in-season bitch, to be honest, since her very presence would be a tremendous temptation and no help for the canine concentration!

You can walk her out but please keep her on a lead! It's not fair on her or any entire dogs that encounter a free running bitch in season. Only my terrier loves the chance to try abd create all sorts of new "designer" cross breeds. Height being no deterrent!

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